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Skin Revolution: A guide to young, healthy skin

Although this book is not Leslie Kenton’s latest book, its ambitious title attracted my attention. “Skin Revolution” is written by someone who knows what she is talking about.

Talal Al-Tukhaes: A sculptor inspired by society

Talal Othman Al-Tukhaes, a Saudi artist from Al-Dawadmi, is known for sculpting in stones, marble and other materials.

Artist shows suffering caused by brainless killing machines

Both are stealth operators. Both destroy their prey. Neither have a brain. These descriptions can be applied to two efficient killing machines that outwardly seem to have little in common.

Loud Art: Culture shock through the artist’s eye

LOUD Art together with Nuqat celebrated the opening of Loud Art exhibition under the title “Executing Culture Shock,” a concept that was first introduced in Kuwait last year by Nuqat.

Giordano’s ‘Nisa’ai and Rejali’ campaign spotlights Saudi talent

Giordano, one of the leading global retail apparel brands, came up with an innovative campaign that got the creative juices flowing of the local youth in Jeddah.

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