Angelina Jolie says ready to give up acting: report

SYDNEY: Hollywood A-lister Angelina Jolie says she plans to give up acting after a “few more” films and switch her focus to directing.

Make healthy choices, transform your life

I have been a fan of Mariam Alireza’s articles ever since she began writing for Arab News more than ten years ago. And I am not the only one!

Living to some purpose memoirs of a secularist Iraqi

Iraq is still very much in the news, and it remains a continuing point of interest for many.

Aniston ready for a 3rd ‘Horrible Bosses’ film

LOS ANGELES: Jennifer Aniston said she pushed her dentist character as far as she could in in “Horrible Bosses 2,” but she’s willing to try again in a third installment.

Jackman impresses in Broadway return

NEW YORK: Hugh Jackman made a stunning return to Broadway with a mesmerizing performance in award-winning playwright Jez Butterworth’s new drama ‘The River.’

Neil Young vows Starbucks boycott

NEW YORK: Rock icon Neil Young has pledged to stop drinking at Starbucks over an industry challenge to laws on genetically modified crops, but the coffee giant says the charges are false.

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