Malaysian girl, 8, dies after being flung from Australian ride

SYDNEY: Australian authorities are investigating the death of a Malaysian girl who was flung “like a doll” from a spinning ride at the Royal Adelaide Show where showgoers laid flowers for her Saturday

Exhibition unwraps drama of Tutankhamun’s discovery

Egypt’s “boy king” Tutankhamun has gripped the imagination since his tomb was discovered in 1922, and a new exhibition tells the enthralling tale of how archaeologists unearthed and recorded the conte

Unemployment pushes young Swedes across Norwegian border

Sweden’s general election campaign has spilled over into Norway as political rivals pursue votes among the tens of thousands of mostly young Swedes emigrating to find work.

Brazil’s Pantanal needs careful management

The Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetlands, stretches across western Brazil and into Bolivia and Paraguay and is a fragile “ecological fantasy land” in need of careful management.

Shark-munching Spinosaurus was first-known water dino

There once was a dinosaur, bigger than a T. rex, that swam with the sharks — and ate them for dinner.

Hard-hitting trio a major theme at Toronto fest

TORONTO: The scourge of homelessness has emerged as a major theme at this year’s Toronto film festival, driven by performances from an unlikely trio: An Oscar-winning actress, a recently recovered her

Death of Nicole Kidman’s father probed

SINGAPORE: The father of Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman has died in Singapore and police said on Friday they were investigating his “unnatural death.”

Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein crown NY Fashion Week

NEW YORK: Design royalty Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein sent their spring/summer 2015 collections down the catwalks ahead of Marc Jacobs as New York Fashion Week gives way to the European season.

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