Gravedigger hurt while falling into newly dug hole

NEW YORK: A New York City gravedigger has been injured while falling backward into a freshly dug plot.

Battle of the Marne: The event that changed history

At the start of September 1914, after just one month of war in Europe, the German army were at the gates of Paris.

Mongolia balances between dragon and bear

Mongolia was a Soviet satellite for decades but now fears economic domination by China, with this week’s visit by Russia’s Vladimir Putin, hard on the heels of Xi Jinping, highlighting its delicate ba

Decorating with your own zoo

Cute animal-themed decorations are starting to take over living rooms and office desks in Japan, bringing joy to anyone who looks at them. Most of the ornaments by Nagoya-based Decole Co.

Pak singer Jawad Ahmed visits Dallas

DALLAS: Renowned Pakistani singer Jawad Ahmed visited Dallas where he attended a luncheon at a local restaurant with prominent community members, reported.

Johansson has baby girl

LOS ANGELES: US actress Scarlett Johansson has given birth to a baby girl, her spokesman said.

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