Ahh, the corporate world (cue the forest background and birds chirping) a step of which every man and woman start their working life and become a “someone”. As soon as the application is filled, an...
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Signs of Haj Mabroor

When the pilgrims return to their home countries after the journey of Haj, they return spiritually refreshed, forgiven of their sins, and ready to start life anew, with a clean slate.

Turkish man dies after spending 47 years in hospital

ISTANBUL: A Turkish man died at 70 after spending nearly half a century in a hospital in Turkey “because he had nowhere else to go,” media reported Tuesday.

Newborn girl plunges from window of building

NEW YORK: A newborn girl with her umbilical cord still attached has plunged from the window of a New York City apartment building, and police are questioning her mother.

VW: In trouble again!

Volkswagen finds itself in the limelight again for the wrong reasons after the US Environmental Protection Agency said recently that the company has used illegal software that deceived regulators meas

6-year-old's call leads to arrest of mom’s killer

DUBOIS, Pennsylvania: A police complaint says a 6-year-old boy covered in blood told officers “Joe killed my mommy” when they responded to a 911 call from a Pennsylvania home.

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