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Artist gives face to Facebook friends

Social media has become instrumental not only in spreading news and mobilizing groups of people, but also in helping people stay in touch with friends and loved ones living in other parts of the wo

‘Saudi cinema needs to be nurtured’

Ahd Kamel, Saudi filmmaker, actress and director shared her experience and opinion about the movie industry and Saudi society in a candid talk show at Athr gallery in Jeddah on Tuesday. 

Aussie billionaire unveils Titanic replica plans

NEW YORK: Flamboyant Australian tycoon Clive Palmer unveiled his plan Tuesday for building a perfect replica of the Titanic — plus a lot of extra lifeboats.

Japanese disaster films highlight victims’ stories

TOKYO: The unnerving clicks of dosimeters are constant as people wearing white protective gear quickly visit the radiated no-go zones of decayed farms and empty storefronts.

Left behind in war, Palestinian books sit in Israeli library

As war came to Jerusalem in May 1948, Palestinian Omar Saleh Barghouti fled his home, leaving behind hundreds of his books, including years worth of his diaries.

‘What defines identity?’ Students ask in Dar Al-Hekma design symposium

The term ‘identity’ is an expansive yet central concept that defines the way humans conceptualize and express their personal characteristics and those of others.

Jeddah art festival kicks off in style

Saud Al-Sheikhi, director of the Ministry of Culture and Information in the Makkah region, inaugurated the Jeddah Arabian Wings Haii art festival on behalf of Minister o

Contest puts spotlight on Jeddah heritage

Prince Turki Abdullah Al-Faisal, president of the Society of Architectural Heritage Protection in Jeddah, and Hani Abu Ras, the mayor of Jeddah, inaugurated the society&

‘Argo’ storms to Oscar victory on night of surprises

LOS ANGELES: “Argo” stormed to Best Picture victory at the Oscars on Sunday on a night of surprises that ended in disappointment for frontrunner “Lincoln” and handed the mos

Art exhibition seeks to encourage dialogue

The written word exudes power and transfers knowledge, even more so when words are written beautifully and artistically.

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