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Dutch architect to build house with 3D printer

A Dutch architect has designed a house “with no beginning or end” to be built using the world’s largest 3D printer, harnessing technology that may one day be used to print houses

One Saudi woman’s visual Journey of Belonging

Manal Al Dowayan’s first solo exhibition in the Kingdom has been a long time coming.

Female voices and the picture of freedom

Her growing up in the oil compound of Saudi Aramco can be likened to the life of “army brats”, who live inside the impenetrable ring of protection, privilege and promotion, barricaded f

Kholoud Attar: Designed to lead

Kholoud Attar, founder and creative director of Design, the first magazine focusing on design in Saudi Arabia, has barely three decades in this world, and far less in the design world, yet has the

Bab Al-Kaaba steals limelight at heritage show in Washington

Saudi heritage exhibition titled “Saudi Archaeological Masterpieces through the Ages,” at the Smithsonian in Washington DC, is attracting a large number of visitors from different count

Shobra Palace set for spring visitors

The Shobra Palace Museum in Taif will receive visitors during the spring vacation in the morning (9 a.m. to 12 noon) and evening hours (5 p.m.

Slovakia’s steel hub Kosice dusts off its creative side

Known mainly for its steelworks, the gritty industrial hub of Kosice in east Slovakia is hard at work reforging itself as a center of creativity and the arts as it enters 2013 with the tag “E

’Olden Days’ in Saudi Arabia

I remember when I started getting used to seeing women covered from head to toe. At first, it seemed rather strange.

‘The Brothers Karamazov’ by Fedor Dostoevsky.

Thinking about literary masterpieces, one of the first titles that comes to mind is “The Brothers Karamazov,” by Russian writer Fedor Dostoevsky.

‘Leonardo da Vinci’

If, talking about Italian literature, one cannot avoid mentioning Dante Alighieri, once we speak about Italian art the first name that comes to one’s lips is Leonardo da Vinci.

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