Brittany Weiss is a talented up-and-coming jewelry designer. She founded W. Britt, a contemporary luxury jewelry line not so long ago and is doing wonders with her creations. So how did her passion...
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Fashion: Decoding a $12bn industry

It could be hard for many of us, men, to tell what the difference is between this dress and that.

Discipline is ‘hair’ to stay: Girl students told to change ‘wild’ style

Teachers and school supervisors here have been requiring female students with “wildly creative” hairstyles to cover their heads because they violate the Ministry of Education's dres

Farah Asmar: A trusted name in luxury handbags

FARAH Asmar is a Jordanian handbag designer. She ventured into the fashion industry after pursuing a course in graphic design followed by another one in fashion design at Istituto Marangoni.

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