Azhar Balool for trendy, feminine abayas

Saudi designer Azhar Moustafa Balool was born and raised in Madinah until she got married and moved to Jeddah.

Min Huna — concept of guilt-free shopping

Min Huna is Arabic for ‘from here’ and it is also a Saudi-based project that was created to design and manufacture a collection of bags every year for a different charity of the founders’ choice.

Tashkeil Ramadan Bazaar unites designers

A celebration of colors, splendid designs and unique ideas, Ramadan Bazaar, an initiative of Tashkeil, is a place that has everything one needs to know about fashion.

For happy, healthy lips in summer

Many women think lipsticks can hide their lip defects, but they are wrong. Lips need special care to make them look good and fresh in summer.

How your cup of coffee can beautify you

Many of us focus on the disadvantages of coffee on health and ignore the many benefits of coffee for the skin.

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