Ahh, the corporate world (cue the forest background and birds chirping) a step of which every man and woman start their working life and become a “someone”. As soon as the application is filled, an...
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Imperial name to St. Petersburg station reinstated

MOSCOW: Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has reinstated the imperial name of a train station outside Saint Petersburg that is used by tens of thousands of tourists visiting the former palaces of

Angelina Jolie wows Disney expo

ANAHEIM: Angelina Jolie cast a spell on the crowd at the D23 Expo.

‘Bossa Nova’ singer Eydie Gorme dies

LAS VEGAS: Eydie Gorme, who as a solo act and with her husband, Steve Lawrence, appeared on stage and on records for more than 50 years, becoming an entertainment legend, died Saturday in Las Vegas.

World’s first pop-art satellite headed to space

LOS ANGELES: If aliens ever target Earth, Jon Gibson and Amanda White are counting on them having an appreciation for pop art and a sense of humor.

Jeddah-based lyricist wins semifinals in UK Songwriting Contest

Afra Naushad, a writer based in Jeddah, has won the semifinals in the lyrics category of the UK Songwriting Contest (UKSC).

Immigration reform to end anxiety of ‘US dreamers’

US born Junnyor Diaz studies at a Phoenix high school.

Giving eidiya persists as a tradition in the GCC

Distributing eidiya — money gifts to children during Eid — is a tradition throughout the GCC area.

Paris pokes fun at Parisians

People queue in front of a Parisian cafe. “For the brunch, I’ve got one table at 6 p.m.,” a waiter tells them.

CNN’s Gupta: I was wrong about marijuana

NEW YORK: CNN’s top medical correspondent, Sanjay Gupta, says he was wrong in opposing the medical use of marijuana in the past, and he now believes the drug can have real benefits for people with spe

US admiral: torpedo 'jargon and gibberish'

WASHINGTON: The US Navy’s information chief says there’s a battle to be fought, but not the usual kind.It’s time, Rear Admiral John Kirby says, to torpedo “jargon and gibberish.”

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