Scientists blame mankind for global warming

Top climate scientists will blame mankind more clearly than ever for global warming next week but may struggle to drive home the message in a report that uses the term “uncertainty” 42 times.

Muslimah World competition challenges Miss World

JAKARTA: Muslim women in head scarf and elaborately embroidered dresses took to the stage Wednesday for the finale of a beauty pageant in Indonesia, a riposte to the Miss World contest that has spa

Beluga whales create art in Japan aquarium

TOKYO: Beluga whales at an aquarium near Tokyo are learning how to paint pictures as part of an autumn art program for visitors, an official said Wednesday.

Shuttle disaster concerto gets top music prize

A violin concerto by contemporary Hungarian composer Peter Eotvos commemorating the deaths of the space shuttle Columbia’s seven crew in 2003 was chosen as the recording of the year on Tuesday by the

Elton John: Can make any kind of music

LOS ANGELES: At 66 years old, Elton John says he can make whatever kind of music he wants, regardless of commercial pressure, but he professes to love what young musicians are doing today.

NASCAR star to co-host country awards

LAS VEGAS: Danica Patrick is crossing back over into entertainment.The NASCAR star is joining country singer Trace Adkins as co-host of the American Country Awards on Dec. 10.

Princess Diana movie reopens old chapter

The film “Diana” starring Naomi Watts, which received a critical drubbing after its premiere in London earlier this month, gets its first European general release in Hungary from Thursday.

Mangroves bring wildlife back to Senegal coast

Crabs scuttle among mangrove roots in a dense riverbank forest in southern Senegal, where a major reforestation project is reviving wildlife and boosting the west African country’s lukewarm economy.

Pakistan’s Internet censors seek help from Canadian firm

In a nondescript, creeper-draped building in the capital of Islamabad, a small team of men is purging Pakistan’s Internet.

Google takes steps to tackle aging issues

SAN FRANCISCO, California: Google Inc. said it plans to set up a new company called Calico, headed by Apple Inc.

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