Cyclists’ video inspires many to hop on

A new video shot in Dammam follows several Saudi men who now use their bicycles to commute, fetch groceries and run other errands.

NASA joins Instagram, kicking off with historic moon pics

WASHINGTON: NASA has joined the world of Instagram — and has already attracted an incredible 56,374 followers within hours of posting its first pictures on the social media site.

App simplifies photo editing

Exbel, designed by Yaser AlMajed, a Saudi-based app developer and photographer, is a double exposure application for iPhone that creates impressive images in just a few minutes.

Man lost in Andes found alive 4 months later

BUENOS AIRES: Argentinean authorities have rescued a 58-year-old Uruguayan man who had been lost in the Andes mountains since May.

Bill Gates, 5 scientists win Lasker medical prizes

NEW YORK: Two scientists who illuminated how brain cells communicate, three researchers who developed implants that let deaf people hear and philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates have won prestigious

Saudi theater talents rise as curtain falls on Jeddah week

The Jeddah Theater Week concluded on Saturday after presenting seven plays.

Schwingen wrestling: The ultimate in Swissness

Battling to the last with sweat pouring from his brow, the wrestler winced as he lost his footing, the crowd roared and his rival flattened him in the sawdust.

Italian documentary wins Golden Venice

VENICE: The Italian film “Sacro GRA” about people living along the ring road around Rome was chosen as the first documentary ever to win the Golden Lion for best film on Saturday at the 70th Venice Fi

Bruno Mars set to sing at Super Bowl half-time show

NEWARK, N.J: Bruno Mars, the R&B singer who gained fame in 2010 and won a Grammy for his singing that year on “Just the Way You Are,” is expected to perform at the Super Bowl half-t

New smartphones try fashion makeovers to stand out from pack

Bright colors, funky textures and personalization are coming to a smartphone near you as mobile phone makers turn to fashion to buoy sales in a crowded market.

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