Flawless $60-mn pink diamond up for auction in Geneva

GENEVA, Switzerland: A flawless 59.60-carat pink diamond known as the “Pink Star” is up for grabs at a Sotheby’s auction in November with an asking price of $60 million (49 millio

Japan poll: 1 in 3 desperate to be housewife

TOKYO: One in three young Japanese women wants to get married and be a full-time housewife, a government survey has showed, despite growing calls for increased female participation in the workforce.

Australian experts unveil ‘attention-powered’ car

SYDNEY: Australian road safety researchers on Wednesday unveiled a pioneering “attention-powered car” which uses a headset to monitor brain activity and slow acceleration during periods of distraction

YouTube revamps comments feed

SAN FRANCISCO: YouTube, the Google-owned video sharing website, said Tuesday it was revamping its comments feed which some Web users claimed had turned into a magnet for crude and vulgar postings.

Pakistan quake island unlikely to last — scientists

GWADAR, Pakistan: A small island of mud and rock created by the huge earthquake that hit southwest Pakistan has fascinated locals but experts — who found methane gas rising from it — say it is unlikel

Christopher Chong — man behind the scent

Christopher Chong is the creative director of the luxurious House of Amouage, a niche luxury fragrance house that reflects a rich heritage in its high quality raw materials and artistic inspiration

UK woman attempting solo row reaches Alaska

ANCHORAGE, Alaska: A 28-year-old British adventurer became the first woman to row solo across the North Pacific Ocean Monday, arriving in Adak in Alaska’s Aleutians after 150 days at sea.

New Zealand airline plans Antarctic ice landings

WELLINGTON, New Zealand: New Zealand’s flagship airline plans to fly planes to Antarctica that pilots would land on an ice runway.

The state of Twitter 2013

Twitter launched on March 21 in 2006, and things were never the same again.

Tips on saving battery life with iOS 7

I usually write only about social media and social business, but being an Apple fanatic, I couldn’t resist sharing the following with the readers.

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