NASA launches Mars ‘flying saucer’ on Earth

LOS ANGELES: After several weather delays, NASA on Saturday launched a helium balloon carrying a saucer-shaped vehicle high in Earth’s atmosphere to test technology that could be used to land on Mars.

Couple sues BA for flying them to Grenada, not Granada

WASHINGTON: A Washington couple has sued British Airways, saying the airline ruined their vacation by booking them tickets to the Caribbean island of Grenada instead of Granada, Spain.

A journey into Arabia with Lang

She’s automatically linked to Brooke Logan on “The Bold and the Beautiful” as she’s played the role since 1987, but there’s much more that fascinates about the beautiful star, Katherine Kelly Lang.

Idyllic Philippine prison a tourist attraction

IWAHIG, Philippines: One hundred convicts armed with machetes wander through a vast prison without walls in one of the Philippines’ most beautiful islands, a unique approach to reforming criminals.

Talal Al-Tukhaes: A sculptor inspired by society

Talal Othman Al-Tukhaes, a Saudi artist from Al-Dawadmi, is known for sculpting in stones, marble and other materials.

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