No agnostics in the climate foxhole

On a recent 14.5-hour flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, I had time to read the columnist Charles Krauthammer’s collection of essays, Things that Matter. It made for a disturbing flight.

‘Waste’ of Lebanese politics

I remember from my youth the popular Lebanese saying, “Everything in Lebanon is ‘zift’ (asphalt) except the roads!”

Refugees and the issue of survival

It’s an astonishing statement for a refugee from war-torn Syria, but Taher has had enough of the xenophobia he has experienced in Germany.

Can we use Islamic rules in better way?

Just a few weeks ago, a group of young Saudis led by Ayman Al-Sharif initiated a web link that they called Makkah Almukarrama Live.

Amazing Abdul Kalam!

No Indian president fired the imagination of the common man in this nation of a billion-plus as Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen (APJ) Abdul Kalam did.

Turkey joins the war

Last Friday, Turkey joined the war against Daesh, the terrorist-run entity that now controls eastern Syria and western Iraq.

Coalition needs to go beyond Aden

Yemeni government troops, aided by Saudi and Emirati forces, have for the first time achieved what Arab armies failed to do since the end of colonization: They changed the situation on the ground by f

El Dorado or pipe dream?

Thousands of migrants are trying to cross the Channel from France in search of a better life in Britain, but what makes them risk their lives travelling from one wealthy European country to another?

Victim of ‘Stagefright’

Mobile phone users could be in real trouble. And be aware of that.

Nuri Al-Maliki’s attack — attention-seeking ploy?

The truth is that people are sometimes provoked but it is important to be calm and realistic in order to analyze the situation.

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