The lessons from Peshawar

Commenting on the decline and decay of the Islamic world, Robert Reilly writes in his interesting book, The Closing of the Muslim Mind: “The fatal disconnect between the Creator and the mind of his cr

In defense of Owaisi

Hindu nationalists may ridicule Asaduddin Owaisi with “next Jinnah” taunts, but the determined politician isn’t going anywhere.

10 things we learn from Peshawar mayhem

• That the rules of engagement were flung to the winds and in the aftermath children are increasingly on the firing line. Who will stop it from getting worse?

Currency crisis: Putin’s biggest challenge

He crushed Chechnya’s rebellion, pushed back Russia’s frontiers and restored the pride of a nation humiliated by the demise of the Soviet Union.

A new direction for global health

It is easy to be discouraged about the state of international cooperation today, but global health remains an area in which the world has come together to do significant good.

Unrealistic expectations

To understand the recent changes, we may have to re-evaluate the political and military situation in Syria.

Burden on our conscience

THE world seems full of crises and disasters: From political stasis and racial standoffs in Europe and the United States, to the classic conflicts of capitalism in “emerging” economies (inequality, we

Is RSS rocking Modi’s boat?

INDIAN Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a worried man these days — and angry too.

Climate change: The impossible deal

For “shall”, substitute “may”.

The color of darkness

There are black days in history. Opaque and beyond the pale of human understanding. We know it is not a perfect world and we are imperfect people and, therefore, we do imperfect things.

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