Indian secularism holds its ground

Indian Muslims are rightly apprehensive over a spate of communal incidents taking place in India.

The crippled pursuit of excellence

We all want excellence. That goes without saying. Give us the best, we won’t settle for less. We hear it all the time. Every second fellow says it. Give me the best.

New hope for Haiti

During a recent visit to the rural community of Los Palmas, Haiti, I had the opportunity to talk with families directly affected by the cholera epidemic that has been afflicting the country since the

China’s victory in Ukraine

For a generation, relations between US and Russia were essentially about history.

Bullets with names on them

I don’t mock those who sit on a beach and wear a T-shirt that says My heart bleeds for Gaza.

Israeli impunity and global helplessness

It IS difficult, almost impossible, to envisage an early negotiated cease-fire to put an end to the unconscionable carnage in Gaza.

Middle East’s cycle of violence

In a region where crises seem to be the norm, the Middle East’s latest cycle of violence suggests that something bigger is afoot: the beginning of the dissolution of the Arab nation-state, reflected i

It is time to fight extremism

For many Saudis the idea of extremism in Saudi Arabia disappeared when the Ministry of Interior crushed Al-Qaeda nearly a decade ago.

Other Side of the Mirror: On being computer-umped

I am absolutely convinced that the computer industry has us reduced to being victims of a conspiracy.

US chasing India opportunity

India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) holds its first strategic dialogue with US in New Delhi on Thursday. This will be the 5th edition of the Indo-US strategic dialogue.

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