US chasing India opportunity

India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) holds its first strategic dialogue with US in New Delhi on Thursday. This will be the 5th edition of the Indo-US strategic dialogue.

Is Sharif facing real challenges?

Will Aug. 14 bring hope or despair for Nawaz Sharif? Different viewpoints are being aired.

China’s bad dream

Since his first address as China’s president last year, Xi Jinping has been espousing the so-called “Chinese Dream” of national rejuvenation and individual self-improvement.

A bright future for Indonesia

On July 22, 2014, Joko Widodo was declared the winner of Indonesia’s presidential election.

Offensive Kiev bounces in the east

When Ukraine’s military offensive to oust pro-Russian rebels from the restive east began in mid-April with humiliated soldiers meekly surrendering their armored vehicles it looked doomed to failure.

Gaza: Falling rockets and failing media

Lies are easily exposed when the truth comes out.

Israeli lies exposed

Score: One thousand dead and climbing. Several hundred thousand wounded, displaced and part of a month-long trail of agony and violence. Gaza and the West bank scorched earth.

Heads you win...

A pair of recent elections, both coincidentally in mainly Muslim countries, yielded results that have been contested by the contenders, albeit with somewhat different potential consequences.

Sinister Israeli rabbis and blind Western eyes

Published in the US at the close of 2013, Max Blumenthal’s big, brash, furiously accusatory book, ‘Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel,’ contains passages eminently calculated to make many re

Avoiding plane crashes

More travelers are flying than ever before, creating a daunting challenge for airlines: Keep passengers safe in an ever more crowded airspace.

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