Tough task of salvaging Iraq

The almost impossible task of salvaging Iraq has begun along two distinct, but interconnected, courses: Political and military.

Parallel politics in Pakistan

It might have made slightly more sense had the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) announced the resignation of its elected representatives from all assemblies but one before Imran Khan embarked on his mo

Bangsamoro law: Mission possible?

The much-awaited draft of the Bangsamoro Basic Law may finally see the light of day after the Bangsamoro Transition Commission submits its second version to the Office of the President this week.

How dark is the abyss

Is the world an uneasy place at present and will things righten themselves or are we facing the first glimpse of an abyss that is dark and deep.

Trouble amid plenty in Africa

Africa is changing dramatically, and so are outsiders’ attitudes toward it, with the US finally seeming determined to catch up with China, Europe, and India in their interest in the continent.

Crack in the house is widening

A crack in a house’s foundation, if not repaired, can continue to grow, ultimately destabilizing the structure and rendering it uninhabitable. Its occupants must then move to another home.

Israelis lied to justify massacre in Gaza

By granting diplomatic immunity to Israeli government and military officials from being arrested and prosecuted for war crimes in 2009, the British government acted shamefully and should take some of

Is this the twilight zone?

Don't know about you, but I’m experiencing a discomforting sense of unreality.

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