When the truth hurts

THE recent results of an annual online survey of the worst airports in the world to sleep-in found Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz International Airport to be the second worst in terms of comfort, convenience

Understanding the Russian dilemma

THE Ukraine crisis has shattered key western assumptions about Russia and many analysts and policymakers have fallen back on the belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin must be acting irrationall

Dealing with the threat of Ebola

Which countries, beyond those in West Africa, are most susceptible to the Ebola epidemic?

Saudi Press Roundup

Protecting Saudi youths

Behind Yemen’s crises

Years of knowing former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has enabled this writer to better understand his tactics.

Deafening silence over Rohingya issue

Despite the atrocities being committed against the Muslims of Arakan, better known as Rohingyas, the international community has so far done nothing to protect these people.

Guess who is coming to dinner

You know of many things that are dead or dying. Like honor. And promise. Not to forget fairness and all those other silly little things that made life tolerable.

Egypt is on the right track

If macroeconomic indicators are to be believed, Egypt’s economic growth has ground almost to a halt over the past three years.

The destructive ideology

Acts of great evil such as terrorism and genocide are so horrifying as to seem entirely incomprehensible. What kinds of people commit such acts?

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