Nothing Islamic about Daesh

I protest as a Muslim, as a human being and as a journalist. I protest strongly against the way the label “Islamic State” is linked with terrorist activities taking place in any part of the world.

Leaving victims of turmoil high and dry

Most of the flour, rice, dates, water, blankets and tents given to Syrian, Yemeni and other refugees come from governments — little is offered by the people.

Greece: When reality collides with politics

The Greek crisis is a tragedy for the country and a danger for the world economy.

The ‘undo’ stew

Twenty years of gaffes and now they come up with a “UNDO” option for e-mails sent in anger, in a rush, by error, default, to the wrong people and other deranged CC and BCC dispatches not meant for the

Preventing Bloody Fridays

Friday, June 26, 2015 — it was the second Friday of Ramadan. Three countries were left shocked by three separate terror attacks.

Daesh: Is the West really threatened?

Last Friday, in France, an Islamist named Yahya Salhi killed his employer, Herve Cornara.

New mission for World Bank

The Bank’s 20th century mission — to help countries finance their development — will remain vital for the foreseeable future.

Egypt is not Iraq

Terrorists ruined the chance to celebrate Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi’s first year in power, while the Egyptian media was preoccupied with the assassination of the attorney general and th

Hanging in the balance

Greece has carried on its back a crippling debt load for the last five years. How crippling? Very crippling.

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