Of course, it is an Intifada

When my book ‘Searching Jenin’ was published soon after the Israeli massacre in the Jenin refugee camp in 2002, I was quizzed repeatedly by the media and many readers for conferring the word ‘massacre

Violence a ‘routine’ in US

School shootings have become a horrendous American tradition, a “routine,” as US President Barack Obama would like put this way.

Cleaning up the mess in Syria?

There are no good sides in the Syrian conflict.

A do-or-die affair in Bihar poll?

The magnificent obsession with the Bihar elections just been built up into a crescendo by the media to create a watershed effect.

Teens, future MPs swept away in Ankara attack

They came from different backgrounds but died together, the victims of the bombings in Ankara that killed 95 people ranged from teenage activists and a nine-year-old boy to candidates for Parliament a

Tragic story of an Indian maid

At the time of submitting this article, I heard two different versions of a tragic story about an Indian maid who came to Saudi Arabia to take care of a 70-year-old Saudi woman who lives alone in an a

We need compassion, not violence

Last week, a weird story about a father and his teenage son was published in the local media.

A troubling trend in our society

An Arabic online newspaper reported recently that a Jeddah husband and father set his wife on fire in front of their two children because she had the telephone numbers of other men in her handbag.

Pilgrimage of the disabled

Haj is mandatory for Muslims who are capable with respect to health, finances and safety, once in a lifetime.

UN and neighborhood gentrification

When you step into the United Nations complex in New York, there is very little that betrays the humble beginnings of its Turtle Bay neighborhood.

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