Significant role of Saudi women

The role of women in Saudi society has always been significant. But historically their contribution has been confined mostly to the home.

King Salman’s vision to usher in a new era

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman set out his vision in his first major policy speech that touched on all aspects of Kingdom's policy.

Editorial: Unity, education key to defeat terrorism

The terrorists who claim to be acting in the name of Islam are doing far more than bringing death and destruction to innocent communities: They are tarnishing Islam; they have hijacked the faith.

EDITORIAL: Of school kitchens and a ‘healthy’ future

Many state schools are not giving their pupils decent food. This is clear from a research carried out by Dr.

Editorial: Time to tighten up on private education

In these low inflation times, there are not many goods and services that have doubled in cost over the last five years.

Editorial: Building biometric defenses significant

That cheaper air travel and the Internet have made the world a smaller place cannot be in dispute. Yet, our smaller world has generated new dangers that have had to be confronted.

Editorial: Another visionary takes the helm

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman has taken on his duties during the most testing times in modern history. Yet few leaders can have come to the task better equipped to cope.

Steps needed to deal with unqualified doctors

The 2008 near-collapse of the international financial system shook to its foundations confidence in the global markets.

Evening shifts in govt departments

It is being suggested that government offices should stay open in the evenings. This, it is said, will provide a better service to the public.

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