Editorial: Another visionary takes the helm

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman has taken on his duties during the most testing times in modern history. Yet few leaders can have come to the task better equipped to cope.

Steps needed to deal with unqualified doctors

The 2008 near-collapse of the international financial system shook to its foundations confidence in the global markets.

Evening shifts in govt departments

It is being suggested that government offices should stay open in the evenings. This, it is said, will provide a better service to the public.

Saudi-Iraq reconciliation, a historic development

Almost quarter of a century is way long enough for two countries, especially two neighbors with so many common interests, to be diplomatically apart.

Kingdom’s bold drive toward solar energy

The everyday item that is among the largest consumers of electrical power, is the air-conditioning unit. In the high temperatures of summer, life is insupportable without air-con.

Al-Haramain rail project deserves top priority

The Al-Haramain High Speed Rail project is every bit as important as it is ambitious.

Editorial: Improving Kingdom’s education system

It is probably true to say that the most strongly-felt adult memories are to do with school days. Everyone has an opinion about education.

Editorial: GCC summit: A show of unity

There are many strong ties that bind together the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Some of these bonds are invisible.

The GCC puts on its armor

Ever since it was established in 1981, it was clear that the six-member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council would be looking beyond the creation of a powerful international trading bloc.

Editorial: 5-year iqama plan: A very wise move

Though they can often be frustrating, the rules laid down by bureaucracy generally serve some purpose. “Red tape” is an easy target for critics, not least in the media.

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