Editorial: Improving Kingdom’s education system

It is probably true to say that the most strongly-felt adult memories are to do with school days. Everyone has an opinion about education.

Editorial: GCC summit: A show of unity

There are many strong ties that bind together the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Some of these bonds are invisible.

The GCC puts on its armor

Ever since it was established in 1981, it was clear that the six-member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council would be looking beyond the creation of a powerful international trading bloc.

Editorial: 5-year iqama plan: A very wise move

Though they can often be frustrating, the rules laid down by bureaucracy generally serve some purpose. “Red tape” is an easy target for critics, not least in the media.

King Abdullah’s quiet and persistent statesmanship

Just as there was an economic inevitability that the countries of Europe would come together to form a potent global trading bloc, so the Gulf Cooperation Council has a logic that cannot be denied.

Using solar power for desalination projects

German scientists produced some remarkable research earlier this year. They published a report which said that a solar panel farm that covered the relatively small area of 254 sq.

Women in workplace

Hiring expatriates to do work that can perfectly well undertaken by Saudis is a waste of money. Much of the cash is remitted to other countries. It is also a waste of opportunity.

A disturbing phenomenon

Young Saudis, studying abroad are increasingly becoming apparent victims of Islamophobia.

The scandal of crowded classes

Education has for some while been one of the largest items in the Kingdom’s annual budgets.

Begging is nothing but moral blackmail

GIVING money to beggars in the street seems an easy way to do something nice. Pull out a few coins or a low denomination note and put it in the open hand. A mumbled blessing may come your way.

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