Editorial: Emerging role of Saudi women

The full participation of women in next year’s municipal elections is a highly significant step.

Israeli barbarity and UN apathy

It is simple really. The collective punishment of the Palestinians penned up in the Gaza ghetto is every bit as reprehensible as when the Nazis penned up Polish Jews in the Warsaw ghetto.

Emerging challenge of ADHD in Kingdom

There were mental conditions, especially in children, which for too long were seriously misunderstood. Dyslexia is a classic case in point.

The Kingdom’s generosity

Iraq is in turmoil for reasons that are all too tragically clear.

MERS battle being won but not over

It appears that the Kingdom has won the struggle against the deadly MERS virus to a great extent but the battle is not yet over.

Now it is time for Al-Maliki to go

The moment that Nuri Al-Maliki begged the Americans for airstrikes against resurgent militants who now threaten Baghdad after sweeping aside the Iraqi Army, he was effectively admitting his total fai

Blindness over Burma

The Muslim Rohingya population of Burma has been described in a UN report “as the most persecuted people in the world.” To look at international businessmen flooding into the country’s five-star hotel

A key moment for the OIC

The upcoming meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Jeddah comes at a time when it is arguable that the Muslim world has never faced so many serious and dangerous challenges.

Egypt deserves all-out support

The economic challenges facing Egypt and its new President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi cannot be underestimated.

A highly dangerous sport

It is easy to deplore the behavior of young men who play dangerously with powerful cars.

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