Turkey’s fight against terror and KSA support

Turkey's airstrikes against the terrorists of Daesh has been decisive and by many accounts devastating. It mirrors the operation against terrorists in Yemen led by the Kingdom.

Kingdom’s victory on two fronts

Saudi Security authorities have clearly scored a substantial victory against terrorism. Their swoop that rolled up four terror cells and a large support network sends a clear message to Daesh.

Tehran should now stop meddling

There is one argument in favor of the Iranian nuclear agreement. Picking an external fight is a classic recourse of regimes that are in trouble at home.

Iran’s meddling in region should not be overlooked

A revanchist Iran is the greatest menace to the Gulf and the wider Middle East. It is not simply the nuclear threat that it poses to the region.

Kingdom-French ties: Beginning of a new era

The Kingdom and France have enjoyed a long and fruitful friendship.

Deputy crown prince’s key visit to Russia

Russia is a very important global power with key role in world affairs and Middle East issues. It is a vast country and a major player in international politics.

Plight of Rohingyas and world apathy

Politics is indeed the “Art of the Possible.” More often than not, it is therefore about compromise. But every once in a while, there comes a point where there can be no compromise.

Terrorists misjudged Kingdom’s strength

Terrorists have failed to understand the Kingdom and its people. They have underestimated the strength of the forces they are trying to confront. They have misjudged the Saudi people.

Kingdom’s resolute response to terror

There are no words to describe the depravity of those who would conspire to send a suicide bomber into a house of God to murder worshippers.

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