Commercial genius of Saudi SMEs

Despite the presence of world-class companies in sectors such as construction, engineering, petrochemicals, banking and finance, business in Saudi Arabia is still dominated by Small and Medium-Sized E

Haj — all systems go

As the Haj season approaches, the sense of anticipation and excitement is almost tangible.

Low-cost Haj program

Families of very limited means spend many years saving to take part in Haj. Two important new initiatives from the Ministry of Haj this year go a long way to supporting these people.

Editorial: Unity needed to fight terrorism

Friday 29 August 2014
There are many steps that can and must be taken in the face of global terrorism. But one step above all is absolutely crucial.
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The changing Saudi business environment

Since it joined the World Trade Organization in 2005, Saudi Arabia has been integrating itself ever more deeply into the global economy.

Israel’s pack of lies exposed

At a time when the Muslim Ummah is facing great and terrible dangers, there are deep divisions among its people. Even worse, Muslims are shedding blood of Muslims.

It is time to challenge terrorists

Sensible Muslims the world over are looking on with horror at pictures of the savage butchery that terrorists, who claim blasphemously to be acting in the name of Islam, are incredibly, entirely pleas

A message of peace in the midst of conflict

The Muslim nation is indeed, as Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah said in his Eid Al-Fitr message, facing tough realities as a result of conflict and fanatical rhetoric.

Editorial: Emerging role of Saudi women

The full participation of women in next year’s municipal elections is a highly significant step.

Israeli barbarity and UN apathy

It is simple really. The collective punishment of the Palestinians penned up in the Gaza ghetto is every bit as reprehensible as when the Nazis penned up Polish Jews in the Warsaw ghetto.

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