Editorial: Bakers need to use their loaf

Is the planned automation of Jeddah’s bakeries within the next two years really a good idea? A food official has said that the move is to improve hygiene.

Editorial: Iranian move: An affront to US

The Obama administration has been quietly pleased with itself that talking gently to the fresh face in the Iranian presidency, has led what it sees as real progress in taming Tehran’s nuclear weapon

Editorial: Nepotism main cause of wrongdoing

A recent academic study suggests that nepotism is the main cause of wrongdoing in Saudi business and the civil service.

Editorial: America needs to do more

There can be no downplaying the importance of the visit of President Barack Obama who will hold talks with Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah today.

Editorial: Core principles shine through difficult summit

The two-day Arab League summit in Kuwait was held at a time of rising challenges throughout the Arab world.

Editorial: Focusing on Saudi youth

Growth through youth,” the key note of this week’s 14th Jeddah Economic Forum is in one respect a platitude. A country’s young people are its future.

Editorial: Iraq’s phoney election

In just over a month’s time, Iraqis are due to go to the polls to elect a new government. The vote should be postponed.

Editorial: Putin — rash or wrong?

The tensions in the Crimean peninsular show no sign of easing as Sunday’s Moscow-backed referendum on independence from the Ukraine looms.

Editorial: Putting women on driving seat

The proposal has again surfaced that Saudi Arabia institute a Ministry for Women.

Editorial: Qatar should honor pledges

It is extremely sad that the Kingdom, the UAE and Bahrain feel they have had to recall their ambassadors in Qatar but it is clear that they had little alternative.

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