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It is normal to feel sad or mourn the loss of a loved one: A parent, a child, or a lifetime partner with tears, sorrow, and feeling of loss. However, when one is stricken by extreme grief and sadness...
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Sukh Sagar: For a vegetarian, variety fare

It’s always heartwarming to read placards of shops and restaurants carrying Hindi/Urdu names here in Saudi Arabia.

The role of insulin in the body (Part 2)

LAST WEEK, I started the discussion on insulin, its functions, and its importance to the brain and body.

Controlled Indulgence Is the Way To Enjoy The Festive Season

THERE IS no doubt that traditional celebrations foster a feeling of goodwill toward family, friends and of course, food.

For new study, 100 people commit their bodies to science

CHICAGO: One hundred people are about to share their live bodies for science as part of an unprecedented new study that will examine how to improve personal health, researchers said Friday.

Healthlines: Too much sitting will make you ill

We have finally understood that

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