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Water in Ramadan (Part 4)

For the last three weeks, I have been discussing an essential element to life.

Healthlines: A cup of chamomile tea

We all know that too much tea and coffee is not good for us, so how about switching to caffeine free, calming chamomile tea?

Obama hosts Ramadan Iftar reception at White House

US President Barack Obama hosted Ramadan 'iftar' (breaking-fast) reception at the White House last night.

Chef Ali Benali: from Morocco to Makkah

Chef Ali Benali is Executive Chef and the main driving force behind the Makkah Clock Royal Towers (a Fairmont Hotel) food and beverage team.

Byblos: Because the eye eats before the mouth

Byblos is the Greek name of the Lebanese city, Jubail. It is also a well-known fine dining Lebanese restaurant in Jeddah under the Leylaty Group of Restaurants.

Plan to lose weight

Now is a time when we are all thinking about losing weight and looking good for the holidays.

Water in Ramadan (Part 3)

Here I am again with more on water as promised, not just for Ramadan but also for “life.” This time, I shall expose to you the perspective of an expert on wa

Scientists treat ulcers with ‘spray-on skin’

PARIS: Scientists said Friday they had developed a revolutionary “spray-on skin” treatment for venous leg ulcers — a common ailment involving a shallow

Bat virus offers insight into deadly Nipah, Hendra

HONG KONG: A virus that is very similar to the deadly Nipah and Hendra viruses has been discovered in fruit bats in Australia and researchers are hoping it can help them

Old Jeddah bustles with activity during Ramadan

Jeddah’s historical zone — Balad, Bab Makkah district, Bab Shareef district, Souq Al-Badu and Qabel — is filled with the aroma of exotic dishes peculia

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