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CNN’s Gupta: I was wrong about marijuana

NEW YORK: CNN’s top medical correspondent, Sanjay Gupta, says he was wrong in opposing the medical use of marijuana in the past, and he now believes the drug can have real benefits for people with spe

Camels now top suspects in spread of deadly MERS virus

LONDON: Scientists have found an intriguing clue that suggests camels might somehow be involved in infecting people in the Middle East with the mysterious MERS virus.

American anti-smoking battle moves outdoors

The US battle against smoking has moved outdoors.

Study suggests new bird flu spread among people

LONDON: Chinese scientists have found the strongest evidence yet that a new bird flu strain is sometimes able to spread from person to person, but they are emphasizing that the virus still does not tr

Keeping a healthy diet after Ramadan

Even though the holy month of Ramadan is a month of fasting, many people do not benefit from it and do not take this opportunity to cleanse their bodies.

Anorexic girls also have autistic traits, study finds

Scientists studying girls with the eating disorder anorexia have found they show a mild echo of the characteristics of autism — a finding which could point to new ways of helping anorexics overcome th

Getting beyond harira and shorba

For many fasting Muslims here, Ramadan has been synonymous with the warm lentil concoction of Harira and oats soup called Shorba.

As French idea of restaurant changes, so does law

The country that gave us the words restaurant, bistro and cuisine is changing how it eats.

First reaction: lab-made burger short on flavor

LONDON: They bit, they chewed, but had hoped for more flavor.

Does plastic surgery make you pretty? The jury’s out

People who get facial plastic surgery may look younger than they did before the procedure, but that doesn’t mean they’re more attractive, according to a new study.

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