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Scientists see Achilles heel for childhood malaria

PARIS: European researchers on Wednesday said they had identified how the malaria parasite sticks to blood vessels, a finding that opens up new targets for drugs to protect children who are the bigges

Frevo, a musical Brazilian churrascaria experience

Frevo is a Brazilian range of colorful dancing styles that are associated with Brazilian carnivals. This is also the name of a traditional Brazilian restaurant in Dubai.

More proof needed for weight-loss surgery: study

WASHINGTON: A gastric bypass or other type of weight-loss surgery can help diabetics who are moderately obese but more proof is needed before promoting them on a wider scale, a study said Tuesday.

Sunscreen slows skin aging, if used often enough

New research from sunny Australia provides some of the strongest evidence to date that near-daily sunscreen use can slow the aging of skin.

Study: Vegetarians live longer as men get best results

CALIFORNIA: A vegetarian diet may help people, particularly men, live longer than those who regularly eat meat, according to a study of more than 70,000 Seventh-Day Adve

Sick workers pay price for Chinese growth

As China boomed around 200 men set out from Shuangxi’s rural idyll to build its infrastructure and skyscrapers.

French move to ban industrial food from ‘restaurants’

Worried its gastronomic reputation is being damaged by substandard eateries, France is considering banning establishments from calling themselves restaurants if meals are not made from scratch by i

Vinegar cancer test saves lives, India study finds

MUMBAI, India: A simple vinegar test slashed cervical cancer death rates by one-third in a remarkable study of 150,000 women in the slums of India, where the disease is the top cancer killer of wom

Ice cream nostalgia brings tears to Syrian refugees’ eyes

An enticing aroma of boiled milk, vanilla, gum Arabic and pistachios; the rhythmic pounding of wooden mallets deep into stainless steel vats; the clink of spoons on glas

Study: Mastectomies on rise among young

A majority of young women diagnosed with breast cancer opt to have a mastectomy rather than a more modest, but in many cases equally effective, procedure that spares muc

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