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Come and taste caviar free in Riyadh

Caviar enthusiasts are invited to have a real taste of this delicacy at selected shops in the Saudi capital free of charge.

Shisha ban good for health but bad for business

“I hate driving 20 miles for shisha,” said an exasperated Amjad Younas, a resident of the Eastern Province.

Syrian restaurants offer favored dishes to Saudis and expats

Syrian cuisine enjoys unique and varied dishes in the Middle East. Delicious appetizers, in particular, are the secret behind attracting many non-Syrian Arabs to Syrian restaurants.

Chili's adding more locations in Kingdom

From its humble beginning in 1999, Chili’s Saudi Arabia is now adding one more location to its power line up of restaurants across the Kingdom.

Riyadh offers a new dining destination

A new Asian dining destination has opened in the heart of Riyadh, with the official debut of Hong fine dining restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton.

Are organic restaurants the ‘next big thing’ in KSA?

True, we cannot – yet? – speak of a boom in organic food in Saudi Arabia.

Study: Mediterranean diet cuts heart risks

SPAIN: The “Mediterranean diet,” featuring vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts and olive oil but almost no red meat or sweets, slightly reduces the risk of cardiovascular

Pearl found inside oyster for headache cure

CORNWALL, NEWQUAY: A pearl has been found inside an oyster that was being used as part of a cure of a headache.

Study: Eating well could spread infections faster

DELHI: It may be an old wives’ tale to say that starving a fever is an effective remedy, but now scientists have shown that plentiful food can accelerate the spread of infections.

A band for fitness: The latest craze in health-conscious youth

A multifunctional wristband that tracks a user’s daily physical activity and the number of calories burnt has gained a large following among the Kingdom's youngsters.

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