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On a date with dates in Café Bateel

Bateel’s consistent care for excellence in quality date products is the key behind its success.

New year new hair

To have great hair you have to understand that hair is multifaceted; there is no quick fix solution.

Look good and feel your best after 40

Women after forty are constantly fighting excess weight resulting from menopause; statistics say that roughly 90 percent of all women between the ages of 40 and 55 struggle to lose extra body fat.

School throws safety net to hungry Portuguese kids

It is hard to picture the scene in 21st-century Europe, but as debt-ridden Portugal heads into a new year of economic crisis, schools are stepping in to feed children who would otherwise go hungry

Half of world food goes waste

LONDON: Up to half of all the food produced worldwide ends up going to waste due to poor harvesting, storage and transport methods as well as irresponsible retailer and consumer behavior, a re

Insulin breakthrough could see end to needles

SYDNEY: Breakthrough research mapping how insulin works at a molecular level could lead to new diabetes treatments and end daily needle jabs, helping hundreds of millions of suffers, scientists said T

'Digital health' movement in focus at tech show

LAS VEGAS: With an app, a game or a gadget, technology startups and major companies across all sectors are trying to tackle some of the thorniest problems in health and medicine.

Many Saudi male adults at risk of sleep apnea

Saudi men suffer from snoring problems putting at risk one in three middle-aged males of contracting obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a survey report says.

New strain of norovirus spreads around the world

LONDON: A new strain of the winter vomiting disease norovirus has spread to France, New Zealand and Japan from Australia and is overtaking all others to become the dominant strain in Britain, healt

Gaza restaurant gives deaf a chance to shine

At first glance, the Atfaluna restaurant in Gaza City looks like any other — a space for locals to enjoy a simple meal. But there’s a difference: Nearly all its staff are deaf.

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