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Scorpions, beetles on menu at Paris restaurant

At a tiny restaurant in Paris Montmartre district, chef Elie Daviron is happy to admit his new menu has disgusted some clients while others need two or three drinks before they can face it.

Apnoea a major cause of road accidents

What is snoring and apnoea?

Women more interested in yoga than man

At a yoga studio in Washington recently, practitioners breathed, bent, twisted and stretched their way to a happier state.

Eggs are good for you! (Part1)

We were raised to believe that eggs are the single healthiest food for growing children; hence, for a long time it was the staple food for breakfast along with a glass of milk.

Cupcakes: Simple pleasures for the multitudes

The popularity of the cupcake exploded more than fourteen years ago when the popular TV series “Sex and the City” featured lead actress Sarah Jessica Parker enjoying a cupcake from New

HEALTHLINES: Refreshed after the summer? It is time to get active

We all look forward to the weather cooling down so we can spend more time outdoors. Let’s make a decision now to be more active and to stay on the go.

Sleep: The ultimate brainwasher?

Every night since humans first evolved, we have made what might be considered a baffling, dangerous mistake.

Air pollution causes cancer, says WHO agency

LONDON: What many commuters choking on smog have long suspected has finally been scientifically validated: air pollution causes lung cancer.

Fitness experts extol machine-less workout

NEW YORK: Man versus machines? In the realm of fitness at least man seems to be winning.

Battling the bulge: KSA has 3.5m obese children

Kids of the Kingdom, get ready to kick off the flab, and hit the gym.

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