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Ramadan filled with nutrition

Ramadan is the month in which Muslims fast in order to empathize with the less fortunate, who do not have the means to eat a proper meal.

Natural products secret to great skin in desert climate

Desert climates have plenty of sunshine but they are usually dry and arid and you need to take extra special care of your skin to keep it looking fresh and wrinkle free.

Study: Teen turmoil starts earlier than thought

Puberty has always been a time of stress and emotional turmoil for adolescents and their parents.

Risk of birth defect doubles for cousin couples

Children whose parents are cousins run more than double the risk of being born with a congenital abnormality, although the overall rate of such birth defects remains low, according to new research

Forgetting names, losing keys: Flukes, or signs of imminent dementia?

It’s a thought that crosses many middle-aged minds when a word is forgotten or a set of keys misplaced: Is this a fluke, or the first sign of dementia?

Study: Night shifts up breast cancer risk in women

LONDON: Researchers have found that women who work night shifts for more than 30 years may be at a higher risk of breast cancer than other women.

US group finds carcinogen in Pepsi products

NEW YORK: An environmental group said Wednesday that the caramel coloring used in Pepsi still contains a worrisome level of a carcinogen, even after the drink maker said it would change its formula.

Red Chilli: An ideal place to de-stress yourself

After a hectic day at work, dropping at a peaceful restaurant in the evening is not a bad idea.

Technological devices are invading our children’s minds

It’s no mistake that advanced technological products have engulfed our society. You can barely find a household that doesn’t have electronic gadgets such as tablets or smart phones.

Is modern technology changing the way our brains work?

The Internet has had an awesome effect on modern life and it would be hard for the young to imagine a world of no e-mails; no Googling information; and no texts or computer games; and no instant ac

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