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US-wide salt reduction can lower death rate, says study

The United States could prevent up to half a million deaths over the next decade if Americans cut their salt intake to within national guidelines, according to a US stu

UK: Horse drug may have entered human food chain

LONDON: Three horse carcasses that tested positive for the equine drug bute may have entered the human food chain in France, the British government said Thursday.

ROSSO: A different kind of Italian

Rosso is Italian for Red and it is also a modern contemporary Italian restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh.

How Romanian workhorses reach the dinner plate

POROSCHIA, Romania: Florin Dumitru, like millions of subsistence farmers in Romania, the European Union’s second-poorest country, will have no choice when the hors

Tokyo diners delight in dirt degustation

TOKYO: French-style seafood was always the big seller at Toshio Tanabe’s Tokyo restaurant, but the chef for many years had a secret passion — soil.

Start your diet today

Many people who are planning to lose weight delay starting until the New Year. There is a reason why the diet always starts tomorrow — never today — because tomorrow never comes.

Lumps and bumps what’s normal and what’s not?

Spotting unattractive nodules, lipomas and cysts on your skin can be worrying.

Are plant-based diets environmentally friendly?

A nutritious diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables might be healthier for humans but not necessarily healthier for the environment, according to a French study.

‘Light’ beverages hike diabetes risk, says study

PARIS: Artificially-sweetened sodas have been linked to a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes for women than sodas sweetened with ordinary sugar, according to French research

India’s changing appetite throws up meaty issues

With German sausages, French duck delicacies and homegrown chicken, Francis Menezes is cashing in on the growing appetite for meat among Indians — even in one of Mumbai’s most strictly

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