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The Cake Boutique, European style and taste

The Cakes Boutique is a luxury cake and pastry shop located on Rawdah Street, Jeddah.

Shape up before your big day

Engagement rings are great motivators for women to lose weight before their wedding day.

In India, ‘no frills’ hospitals offer $ 800 heart surgery

What if hospitals were run like a mix of Wal-Mart and a low-cost airline?

Extra fiber tied to lower risk of stroke

LONDON: People who get more fiber in their diet are less likely to have a stroke than those who skimp on the nutrient, according to a new review of existing research.

How rocking a baby is like holding a kitten by the neck

A human mother rocking a baby in her arms and a cat carrying her kitten by the scruff of its neck have the same physiological effect on both young animals and probably stem from the same maternal i

Healers gaining acceptance in Switzerland

Denis Vipret moves around the circle of 20 people waiting for his healing touch, touching their shoulders and pumping his right hand lightly to transfer its energy to each patient.

Fearing abuse, US blocks generic OxyContin

WASHINGTON: US health regulators will require generic versions of the best-selling painkiller OxyContin to include recent formulation changes designed to make the pill harder to abuse.

Tasty fresh fish at wonderful L’wzaar market in Qatar

L’wzaar is a smart/casual fish market located at Katara Cultural Village in Qatar where diners can either buy fresh fish and cook at home or dine there and have the full experience of choosin

What about soda and energy drinks

This is a subject that has been on my mind for sometime, but what delayed me to tackle it is the lack or little research on these empty-nutrient and damaging-to-health soda and cola beverages, whet

Spring Cleaning

It is amazing how spring-cleaning your home gives you peace of mind. There is no time like the spring to have a good clear out.

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