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Spears: Brazilian grill redefined

Spears is a traditional Brazilian grill that offers an exciting Brazilian style of traditional Churrascaria to your table with a great variety of marinated meats grilled

Healthlines: Good habits with health benefits over time

Just a few tiny lifestyle changes can make you happier and healthier. Now is a good time to start in preparation for the summer.

Study: Young adult obesity doubles death risk before 55

PARIS: Men who are obese in their early 20s are twice as likely as peers of average weight to die before reaching the age of 55, a study said yesterday.

Living in US raises risk of allergies

Children born outside the United States have a lower risk of asthma, skin and food allergies, and living in the United States for a decade may raise a person’s all

Americans taking on vegetarian cooking

Not so long ago, there was a certain image associated with being vegetarian. It usually involved Birkenstock sandals, lentil loaf and an agenda.

Europe needs genetically modified food, scientists say

WASHINGTON: The European Union’s bid to keep genetically modified foods at bay risks causing economic ruin by forcing the EU to depend on the outside world for food, scientists said onThursday.

WHO: New flu passes more easily from bird to human

BEIJING: A new strain of bird flu that emerged in China over the past month is one of the “most lethal” flu viruses so far, worrying health officials because it can jump more easily from birds to huma

The Cake Boutique, European style and taste

The Cakes Boutique is a luxury cake and pastry shop located on Rawdah Street, Jeddah.

Shape up before your big day

Engagement rings are great motivators for women to lose weight before their wedding day.

In India, ‘no frills’ hospitals offer $ 800 heart surgery

What if hospitals were run like a mix of Wal-Mart and a low-cost airline?

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