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Nutrition and Cancer

The beautiful young Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie recently announced she had a double mastectomy to reduce her risks of getting breast cancer.

Even extra food can’t help malnourished children in unsanitary surroundings

Aameena Mohammed provides plenty of food for 20-month-old daughter Daslim Banu, supplementing breast milk with eggs, soup and rice. But the extra food doesn’t help.

Study: Breast cancer risk up for UK Asians

LONDON: The breast cancer risk for South Asian women in the UK has increased significantly, a new study claims.

Study links vitamin D deficiency to sleep disorder

A Saudi study, the first of its kind worldwide, has discovered a link between the lack of Vitamin D and Restless Legs Syndrome, a sleep disorder found mostly among women.

‘The Fast Diet’ tops British, US best-selling book lists

LONDON: Forget abandoning carbohydrates or detoxing.

Fight your food craving away

Food craving is when you want a certain kind of food badly and cannot think of anything else but the food that will bring pleasure to both your stomach and brain.

Ocoo ... first beauty drink

How easy would it be to just buy a bottle of juice that will make you drink yourself beautiful?

Healthlines: Avoid cheap meat items at fast food chains

Globalization affects people’s eating habits all around the world.

Prostate cancer patients may prolong lives with healthy fats

Men with early stage prostate cancer may live longer if they eat a diet rich in heart-healthy nuts, vegetable oils, seeds and avocados, researchers said.

Polish cuisine sheds Soviet-era blandness and fast food

After years of communist-era shortages, then a craze for Western fast food, Polish cuisine is undergoing a revival thanks to quality local ingredients and a modern twist on traditional fare.

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