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It is normal to feel sad or mourn the loss of a loved one: A parent, a child, or a lifetime partner with tears, sorrow, and feeling of loss. However, when one is stricken by extreme grief and sadness...
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Google making sugar-sensing contact lens for diabetics

SAN FRANCISCO: The Google lab known for working on unusual projects like self-driving cars is crafting a contact lens that could help diabetics manage blood sugar levels.

Italian food festival opens in Jeddah

The best way to a man’s heart, they say, is through the stomach.

Indian Food Festival kicks off in Riyadh

The Indian Food Festival was launched at Makarim Hotel in Riyadh on Thursday, which attracted large number of families on its first day.

How to make the brain control obesity (Part 5)

In this article we do not agree with rule 6.

Yummy Wok — great Asian fast food

There is always something new on the fast-food scene! So if you are getting tired of the ubiquitous beef burger and do not look forward to a boring pizza, you might like to try instant noodles.

Obesity declines among rich US teens, rises in poor

In the past decade, obesity has declined among US teenagers from rich families but has risen among their impoverished counterparts, a gap driven by lack of exercise, said a study Monday.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer urged

The 8th International San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference was held in Jeddah recently.

Giraffe, flamingo on menu for ancient Romans

ROME: Ancient Romans dined on giraffes, pink flamingos and exotic spices from as far away as Indonesia, according to a new scientific study of excavations in Pompeii near Naples in southern Italy.

Study: Thinking positive helps migraine drug work

WASHINGTON: Talk about mind over matter: A quirky new US study suggests patients’ expectations can make a big difference in how they feel after treatment for a migraine.

Healthlines: The Quiet Food Revolution

Over the past 10 years we have seen how the fast-food revolution has damaged lives and created health problems all over the world.

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