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Repair and regeneration in our bodies

Events in our bodies that we are unaware of take place within a meticulous order.

Abdullah ibn Salam — the rabbi who became Prophet’s companion

He was born in Madinah (then Yathrib) in a Jewish family. He was a rich person and a good scholar of Torah. People considered him a rabbi. His name was Al-Hosayn ibn Salam.

The gentle art of dawa

On a flight from Seattle, I sat next to a programmer from India! Arpita was from Kolkata, a very pleasant, intelligent woman. “Do you work for Microsoft?

Omar — a man of justice, generosity

Omar ibn Al Khattab was the second Caliph and the first Muslim leader to be called the Commander of the Faithful.

The beginning of Hijrah

Although Muslims do not actually celebrate the Muslim new year in the way other people celebrate their respective new year, the month of Muharram has special significance.

Recalling journey of a lifetime

COLUMBUS, OHIO: They had one thing in common, Saudi Arabia. Most had gone there for the first time.

Omar: A strong and assertive person

Omar ibn Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) was a strong and assertive man, his heart filled with burning hatred for Islam.

The structure of cartilage noted in the Qur’an

Information about the stages of human development inside the mother’s womb is provided in the verses of the Qur’an.

Omar, whose conversion strengthened Islam

When the enemies of Islam heard the name of Omar, their knees would tremble. When Satan saw Omar walking down the street, he would turn the other way.

Guidance comes only from Allah

Human beings are created with a nature that takes pleasure in beauty, and with a desire to live in happiness and in well-being.

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