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Avoid ‘near death situation’ of your battery

A dying battery is one of the century’s new diseases, one that we wish to cure without medicine.

Changing reading preferences and social media

Reading and social media are like water and oil — they do not mix. One cannot put both of them in the same context.

Offline videos will be available soon in India

YouTube users in India will soon be able to save videos from the Google-owned service, making it possible to watch them offline, and the feature will eventually be available globally, the company said

Tipbit: An app for business people

Email on mobile devices is still not a great experience. You can read your e-mail, sure. But when it comes doing anything more than that and maybe a quick reply, you may long for your PC.

AJ+ eyes young viewers

Al-Jazeera launches its AJ+ online video service Monday, aiming to connect with young people who want to keep up with news without watching television or reading newspapers.

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