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Download YouTube clips for offline viewing. Google’s own YouTube app doesn’t allow this, but at least one iOS app does. Here’s CNET’S guideline to save YouTube clips to your...
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MERS: Social media responsible for false info

If there is a contest for the topic of the week in the Saudi social media scene; last week’s prize would definitely go to “Coronavirus.”

Top most viewed channels this month

The Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube channels this month amassed in aggregate a total of 7,701,184,648 views.

Google releases Android camera app

Google has released a standalone version of its stock camera app for Android— and it’s a significant improvement on its predecessor.

S. Korea turns to chat service for ferry probe

Prosecutors probing South Korea’s ferry disaster have turned to a popular mobile chat service to reconstruct the final moments of hundreds feared to have perished on board the sinking ship.

Start broadcasting your location on Facebook

There’s a lot that Facebook allows you to share with your friends. The company recently added “exact location” to that list.

7 awkward things about email you need to stop doing

You send and receive emails every single day. As with everything else in life, you may be using email incorrectly, or let’s say awkwardly.

Quest for extraterrestrial life not over, say experts

The discovery of an Earth-sized planet in the “habitable” zone of a distant star, though exciting, is still a long way from pointing to the existence of extraterrestrial life, experts said Friday.

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