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End dawns for Europe’s space cargo delivery role

PARIS: Europe will close an important chapter in its space flight history Tuesday, launching the fifth and final robot ship it had pledged for lifeline deliveries to the International Space Station.

Android grabs more tablet market share: survey

WASHINGTON: Global sales of tablet computers edged higher in the second quarter, in the slowest growth since 2009, research firm Strategy Analytics said Wednesday.

Comparison between two major chat apps

Facebook is definitely one of the popular social networking websites and millions of users log into their accounts every day.

Save your profiles

If your social media profiles contain countless priceless memories that you aren’t ready to part with, then you might want to store a copy offline.

Medical advances turn science fiction into fact

Exoskeletons helping the paralyzed to walk, tiny maggot-inspired devices gnawing at brain tumors, machines working tirelessly as hospital helpers: In many respects, the future of medicine is already h

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