Al-Masmak museum conjures up Najd’s history

The Al-Masmak district has become popular among tourists and residents of the Kingdom’s capital because of its many old and new buildings, mosques, coffee shops and shopping area.

New Zealand: Hiking paradise

White, sandy beaches and turquoise water surrounded by green hills covered with native bushes and trees, wrapped up with azure blue skies and mild temperatures.

Himalayan Wonderland

The mountains of Nepal can be shy, hiding behind

Buffaloes a divisive link to Hong Kong’s past

A short journey from the skyscrapers at the hectic center of Hong Kong, water buffaloes lumber over jungle-clad hills and through secluded villages where they once worked as farm animals.

Marvelous Mussawa beckons Saudi tourists

Blessed with natural wonders, Eritrea is a country in the horn of Africa, which still remains a mystery and hidden gem.

New caves discovered in northern Saudi Arabia

Head of the Saudi Geological Survey Zuhair Al-Nawwab said four new caves were discovered in the Kingdom’s northern part in 2012, brining the total number of discovered caves to 130 medium and

Tunisia tourism nostalgic for Ben Ali era stability

As Tunisia slips deeper into crisis two years after the revolution, workers in the once-thriving tourism sector say they miss the stability they knew under the dictatorship of Zine El Abidine Ben A

Sharjah lights up to enthrall visitors

Sharjah has become a center of attraction with its spectacular visual effects and fusion of lights and colors as it hosts the Sharjah Light Festival this week.

Adventurers re-enact Shackleton’s Antarctic voyage

It’s been lauded as one of the greatest survival stories of all-time.

Raum mountain in Najran a major tourist attraction

The Raum mountain, with an ancient fortress perched on the top, stands out as one of the major tourist attractions in Najran.

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