Spaniards take budget holidays in crisis

Jose Lazaro’s unemployment benefits have run out, but that hasn’t stopped his family taking their yearly camping trip. This summer the campsite is letting them stay for free.

Bed bugs, bad service begone, thanks to online reviews

Bed bugs, bad service and terrible food used to be inevitable risks when traveling, but a host of online review sites such as Yelp and TripAdviser are helping savvy consumers pick the best hotels a

Iraq seeks to promote tourism despite deadly violence

AS IT TRUNDLES down busy roads, the minibus packed with tourists would be unremarkable except for two things — its passengers are Westerners and the city they are in is Baghdad.

Top 10 places for children’s entertainment in Jeddah

Jeddah is not only the gateway for pilgrims, but also offers a wide array of summer entertainment places for children, teenagers and adults.

Australian firm to build world’s biggest robotic dinosaurs park

SYDNEY: Eccentric Australian mining magnate Clive Palmer was Thursday given the green light to build “the world’s biggest” park of giant robotic dinosaurs, despite hundreds of obj

Ramadan is festive with Al-Balad

Downtown Jeddah attracts hundreds of locals during Ramadan, most of them looking to spend quality time with their families in a quintessential setting and enjoy traditional Hejazi food.

Tourists flock to Pakistan Kashmir valley in rare boom

Success stories can be rare in Pakistan, but business is booming in one Kashmir tourist spot as the region rebuilds after a devastating earthquake and shrugs off associations with violence.

For Iranians, Isfahan is the cradle of modern-day polo

It is probably the last thing you would expect to come across in the capital of Iran: A polo club, more commonly associated with the aristocracy.

Flower power at the Floria Festival

The Malaysian Tourism Board wrapped up a nine-day outdoor garden and flower showcase, Floria, last month that attracted thousands of locals and transiting tourists from around the world.

Taif, the rose capital of the Kingdom

Taif is a city that offers a rich culture of history. It is situated on the eastern area of Al-Sarawat Mountains.

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