Manila to simplify its weather warnings

MANILA: The Philippines will simplify its weather warnings to make them easier to understand in order to prevent the annual loss of hundreds of lives from natural calamities, officials said Wednesday.

4 polio vaccinators shot dead in SW Pakistan

QUETTA: Gunmen opened fire on a team of polio vaccinators in Pakistan’s restive southwest on Wednesday, killing four of them and forcing authorities to halt an immunization drive, officials said.

Bangladesh court sentences two militants to death

DHAKA: A Bangladesh court on Wednesday sentenced to death two militants for gunning down a police informant eight years ago, a prosecutor said.

Indian mass sterilization targets remain in all but name, say critics

BARUAN: India officially abandoned targets for its mass sterilization program in the 1990s, accepting they had put undue pressure on people to undergo surgery and failed to curb population growth suff

Suu Kyi party expects new Myanmar constitution talks in days

YANGON: Aung San Suu Kyi’s party Wednesday said Myanmar is expected to hold high-level political talks within days aimed at amending a controversial junta-drafted constitution that bars the opposition

Pakistan airstrikes kill 20 Haqqani militants 20

PESHAWAR: Pakistanis officials said jet fighters Tuesday killed 20 suspected members of the feared Haqqani network, accused of some of the bloodiest attacks in Afghanistan including a blast that left

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