Boko Haram ‘surrounds’ northeast Nigerian city

KANO: Boko Haram fighters have surrounded the northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri and are preparing an imminent takeover, an influential regional group claimed on Thursday, calling for military reinf

Court halts Kerala’s alcohol ban

NEW DELHI: India’s top court on Thursday temporarily halted Kerala’s move to ban alcohol.

Ozone layer shows first sign of recovery, say UN scientists

WASHINGTON: Earth’s protective ozone layer is beginning to recover, largely because of the phase-out since the 1980s of certain chemicals used in refrigerants and aerosol cans, a UN scientific panel r

Pakistan rushes to protect major cities from floods

MULTAN: Pakistani troops Thursday rushed to protect two major cities from raging floodwaters, using explosives to divert swollen rivers in a crisis which has hit more than a million people and inundat

France probes suspected recruiter for Islamic State

PARIS: A man suspected of being one of the main recruiters of French militants for Islamic State (IS) was placed in the hands of judicial authorities in Paris on Thursday after his arrest in Turkey la

Colombia nabs man posing as Lebanon envoy

BOGOTA: Colombian authorities say a man posing as the Lebanese ambassador fooled local officials for months, until a suspicious army colonel checked with the embassy and unmasked him.

Catalans fly Scottish flags in mass rally

BARCELONA: A week before Scotland votes on whether to break away from the UK, separatists in northeastern Spain were urging hundreds of thousands to protest Thursday across Catalonia to demand a seces

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