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Saudi Arabia

Change in weather thrills EP residents

Wintertime in the Eastern Province makes residents soak up the sun’s soothing rays.
“After what seemed like an endless few months of sweltering heat and unforgiving temperatures, we can finally come out to enjoy the weather and make the most of this period of relief,” said an early-morning jogger at the Alkhobar Corniche.
Marked by intervals of light rain, the climate has drastically changed over the past few weeks and has given way to a breezy chill that is perfect for outdoor activities. Parks, outdoor cafes and beaches are brimming with families relaxing and socializing in the evening to celebrate the change of season.
Alkhobar Corniche is popular with locals during the winter months because of its scenic location and breathtaking view of the sea. From jogging enthusiasts, fishing experts and barbecuing families to youngsters playing cards and women strolling, people of all ages and nationalities can be spotted here after a busy day at work or home.
Many like Jerry Ravanera, an employee of a local company situated right opposite the Corniche, come straight here after work to de-stress. “I release my stress by walking along the waterfront. It keeps me physically fit because I don’t otherwise get the chance to walk outside much,” he said.
Others, like Mrs. Zaidi, think that coming to the Corniche is the best way to have fun with the entire family. “Children usually get really restless at home and bringing them here is a good way to encourage them to be physically active while giving my husband and I some free time to relax.”
Adil Khan, a university student, is grateful that the weather has changed and believes that this gives young boys something to do. “During the summer, we are forced to go to malls because it is simply too hot to be outside,” he said. “Now that it is colder, I come here with my friends every night to smoke shisha and relax. Thankfully, we now have the option of doing something fun, other than just go shopping.”

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