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China’s donation to Syrians — a complete farce

Finally, the Chinese have felt some remorse over the horrific massacres committed against children and the displacement of millions of starving people and they extended help by presenting a check of $50,000! Yes the figure is right $50,000.
China, a powerful country that owns investments worth a trillion dollars in US banks, sold what was worth $130 billion of goods in Gulf markets in one year, could only give Syrian refugees $50,000. Along with Russia, China protected the Assad regime and prepared the ground for the regime to carry out more killings by vetoing UN Security Council resolutions.
The only difference between Russia and China is that we have already known Moscow’s blunt hostility against the Syrians. It aided the Syrian regime with fuel and arms and printed its currency. China, however, hides behind Russia at the Security Council, and it has also enabled Assad to commit his massacres.
We do not know what the Syrians will do with this cheap amount. What wounds will $50,000 heal?
“Smartness” and insults were not only shown by China but also by the Arab League which did well to make statements and failed to achieve one positive thing ever since Nabil Elaraby took office as the league’s secretary-general. The league is historically known for its incapacity and the fragility of its position, but it never lowered itself to this level. Its positions, at least verbal, were clearer, stronger and more vocal in issues related to Palestine, Lebanon, Kuwait — after its occupation — Somalia and Sudan.
Elaraby’s league is an organization with no color, taste or smell. I have several times tried to understand how Elaraby thinks and what he aims to achieve. Which political game could he possibly be forced to play? As a matter of fact I failed to understand him. Yesterday, he confused me further more as he spoke of sending peace troops to carry out a political transition process.
Even if these peace troops are Arab and are protected by the UN Security Council decision, how can you send them? What peace will they maintain? Jets are shelling people from the air and the opponents returning fire in the dark. There are no opposing parties like the case is in civil wars or battles fought between armies. There is not even a peace treaty present to maintain. Can Elaraby be kind enough and explain to us his great idea that he along with other ministers keep repeating?
The Arab League’s position is shameful and faulty. It hides behind the stances of Arab governments in solidarity with the Assad regime like the governments of Algeria, Sudan and Iraq as well as Egypt whose solidarity with the Syrian regime is less clearer than the others.
Elaraby has to realize that Assad’s game has ended and that the latter’s regime is falling apart. The Arab League and governments like Algeria’s no longer need to waste time in the garb of new excuses. They granted Assad the cover as well as the time and now the number of those slaughtered by the Syrian regime reached more than 60,000 — most of whom are unarmed civilians. We all know well that Assad will not allow peace or aid troops in. Therefore, what Elaraby and his partners are suggesting is just a mockery against the Syrian people and an attempt to underestimate us.
As the countdown for the Syrian regime began, some will try to forge positions like China, which registers its name in the list of donors for the Syrian people, did. China only sent $50,000 so it will be remembered in the victims’ lists that it stood by the Syrian people. It is the same China that participated in the slaughtering of these people from its permanent seat at the UN Security Council.