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Saudi Arabia

Citizens urged to comply with currency rules while traveling

The Foreign Ministry has urged Saudi citizens to comply with the rules on the amount of cash they are allowed to take into other countries.
Every Saudi traveling to another country should be aware of the currency control rules applied there ahead of their travel to ensure full compliance with the law, the ministry said.
“Most countries demand that travelers taking in more than $ 10,000 declare the amount to the authorities at the entry points,” said Osama bin Ahmad Al-Senoussi, the Foreign Ministry undersecretary for consular affairs.
Travelers should be fully aware of the rules so they are not arrested or taken to court and that their money is not confiscated, he said.
Diplomatic missions in Saudi Arabia should be consulted for relevant information, the official said.
Last month, a Saudi singer faced problems entering Egypt after he landed with more than $ 10,000 in his possession.
According to a security spokesperson, Rabeh Saqr had SR 120,000 ($ 32,000) and $ 17,000 in cash when he arrived at a Cairo airport.
He was reportedly told that he could not enter the country with the full amount and the singer decided to leave, boarding a flight to Dubai.
Under a new rule adopted recently, Egypt bans all travelers from “bringing foreign currency in excess of $ 10,000 into the country or carrying it out.”
The decision stipulates that funds over $ 10,000 must be transferred electronically.

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