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CMA ‘smart investor week’ targets young

The Capital Market Authority (CMA), in cooperation with Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI), is launching “The Smart Investor Week” at the Scitech Cultural & Entertainment Festival.
The annual festival takes place from Jan. 17-25 at the Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Science and Technology Center(SciTech) at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.
The Smart Investor Week includes several activities. The Mobile Library enables children to browse through “Smart Investor” magazines. The financial awareness exhibition focuses on defining the Saudi currency “Riyal”, its history and development over the years. Children will also receive tips on investments and savings.
Youngsters can also to practice drawing and sketching that aims to promote a positive culture toward money. The exhibition will also include interactive screens with games and financial contests.
During the week, eight training sessions will be available for children about financial planning skills as well as a lecture for parents on relevant issues.
On the Center’s Theater, the Smart Investor interactive play will be presented to the public, which aims to educate them about the value of money and savings methods and other financial skills.
The week’s goals and objectives are: building a financially conscious generation prepared to positively interact with the community in regard to financial transactions, educating students in all issues that are related to daily financial transactions, introducing the principles of money management, investments and savings to children and introducing them to institutions dealing with financial transactions.
In addition, it aims at instilling ethics and values in children in all matters that are related to money and trains them with skills to effectively manage financial consumption.

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