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Tolerance must for dialogue

Ladies and gentlemen, we conclude our series of articles on "how to conduct a dialogue” with "Tolerance is the key.”
Tolerance is an important and vital factor in any successful dialogue. You might be surprised to learn that the other party has misconceptions about you and your culture, thus they might attempt to provoke or confront you. Adopting a civilized attitude during the dialogue does not necessarily mean that the other party is committed to do the same. Hence, there should be enough tolerance to fulfill the dialogue’s intended goals.
However, tolerance does not mean making concessions. Tolerance is necessary to conduct a successful dialogue, but one should avoid making concessions which gives a negative and distorted image about you and your culture.
Tolerance, on the other hand, offers a whole and beautiful picture to the other party, showing that you are not a fanatic by means but a tolerant and lenient human being.
Advice for all you ladies and gentlemen:
— Avoid using offensive behavior such as use of sarcasm, threats and cursing, even if used by your opponent.
— Avoid raising your voice.
— Express your feeling of dissatisfaction.
— Think wisely before answering.
— Take a break if you cannot manage your anger, and tell your opponent that you will resume the dialogue once you calm down.
— Overcome your anger by changing your position, perform ablution or take refuge in God from Satan.
Good luck and God bless you all and goodbye!!!

— Dr. Mohsin Shaikh Al-Hassan is a Saudi writer