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Saudi Arabia

Conference condemns terror and extremism

A recently concluded conference in Riyadh condemned all forms of terror and extremism. It called for Arab governments to boost developmental projects, curb unemployment and address youth problems.
The conference on the impact of terrorism on social development was jointly organized by Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS) and the secretariat-general of the Arab Council of Social Ministers.
The conferees called on member countries to activate and update agreements on terror prevention and focus on building Arab societies based on agriculture, industry and services as a step to reduce crime.
The conferees also urged Arab and Islamic countries to support efforts of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to implement a United Nations (UN) resolution on combating defamation of religions, religious intolerance and incitement to hatred on the basis of religion or beliefs.
The conferees recommended that the role of families and educational institutions be activated to ensure better nurturing of children, solidify the sense of national belonging and maximize social control in Arab societies.
They encouraged the continuation of studies and conferences dealing with all aspects of terror and extremism: the causes and dangers and how to devise effective solutions in tackling terror and minimizing its negative impact.
The conferees adopted a recommendation on the creation of honest and responsive media that could educate citizens to acknowledge dangers associated with terror acts. They said organizing a seminar on the media coverage of terror events in the Arab world might be a good idea.
President of NAUSS Abdulaziz bin Saqr Al-Ghamdi said the conference played a significant role in curbing organized crimes and terror in the Arab countries. He said 16 Arab countries joined the conference and shared their experiences in the fight against terrorism.

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