Jotun showcases expertise at First Saudi Maritime Congress

Updated 07 December 2014

Jotun showcases expertise at First Saudi Maritime Congress

Jotun, which claims to be the Kingdom’s number one paint manufacturer and recognized worldwide as a major provider of coating solutions to the global marine fleet, participated in First Saudi Maritime Congress held on Nov. 25-26 in Dammam.
The event was inaugurated by minister of transport and chairman of Saudi Ports Authority who visited Jotun’s booth at the accompanying exhibition.
Jotun is best-known in the maritime industry for its hull performance solutions (HPS) and anti-fouling solutions, the answer to performance marine coating.
HPS, which was the key highlight of Jotun’s display at the event, measures hull performance along with guaranteed maximum speed loss and fuel efficiency.
Commenting, David Wright, managing director, Jotun Saudia, said: “As Jotun is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of coating solutions to the global marine fleet, the Maritime Exhibition held alongside the First Saudi Maritime Congress was an excellent opportunity to meet with current and potential clients and gave us a unique opportunity to showcase our products and explain how they can save costs and fuel while exerting a beneficial effect on the environment.”
The condition of a ship’s underwater hull surface has a substantial impact on its energy efficiency – both at the new build stage and for the vessel in operation. Around one-tenth of the world fleet’s fuel consumption can be attributed to deterioration in hull and propeller performance. This translates into around $30 billion in annual additional fuel costs and around 0.3 percent of all man-made carbon emissions.
Jotun’s hull performance solutions have been designed to make it easy to maximize hull performance and thereby reduce both fuel cost and greenhouse gas emissions. The solutions combine state-of-the-art antifouling and application technologies with reliable performance measurements and high performance guarantees.

Bentley marks 100 years at Monterey Car Week

Updated 21 August 2019

Bentley marks 100 years at Monterey Car Week

As part of its centenary celebrations, Bentley hosted a number of events during the Monterey Car Week, from Aug. 15 to 18.

To mark the occasion, two models debuted — the new Flying Spur luxury four-door grand tourer, and the EXP 100 GT: A vision of luxury mobility in 2035.

The third-generation Flying Spur sets new standards of driving enjoyment and luxury, showcasing Bentley’s application of modern technology, while integrating the latest British craftsmanship and innovation features.

The new Flying Spur will be the most advanced luxury grand touring four-door available. 

Alongside its totally new and advanced aluminum and composite chassis, it features optional electronic all-wheel steering — a first for a Bentley, coupled with active all-wheel drive and the Bentley Dynamic Ride active anti-roll system powered by a 48V architecture.

The Flying Spur was put on display on Aug. 16 at the Quail — a motorsports gathering and at the Home of Bentley for the remainder of the weekend.

It was joined by the EXP 100 GT concept car, which made its US debut. With the EXP 100 GT, Bentley has reimagined the idea of grand touring for the future.

The EXP 100 GT is pure Bentley, inspired by the company’s deep understanding of the desires of its forward-thinking customers. It embraces artificial intelligence (AI) as a means to reassert the car as a place for creating, experiencing and capturing extraordinary human experiences and emotions.

It displays the future of luxury craftsmanship with a seamless fusion of materials and the intelligent curation of technology. The vehicle’s battery system will power four motors that deliver superior performance. Projected performance figures include a 0-60 mph time of less than 2.5 seconds, a top speed of 186 mph, and maximum torque of 1,500 Nm.

Ahead of the EXP 100 GT’s Americas debut, Bentley launched a new and dedicated app for Apple devices.

Released on Aug. 12, the “Bentley 100 AR” app uses a printable QR code to provide an augmented reality experience of the EXP 100 GT, allowing users to explore the exterior and interior of the concept car. Users can even interact with a virtual version of the car in full scale, by using the app at selected Bentley retailers.

Bentley was a featured marque at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, where numerous classic models competed in Bentley Centennial classes, including Vintage 4 Cylinder, Vintage 6 Cylinder, Derby and Postwar.