‘Meem by GIB’ offers a broad range of channels

Updated 11 January 2015

‘Meem by GIB’ offers a broad range of channels

Meem by GIB (‘meem’), a progressive retail banking service provided by Gulf International Bank (GIB), was officially launched at an event in Alkhobar.
More than 200 ‘meem’ customers attended the event, along with members of the media, who experienced the innovative and unique products and services on offer by ‘meem’.
‘Meem’ offers innovative, non-traditional Shariah-compliant banking services such as ‘the-One-Pack’ account which combines the benefits of both current and savings accounts, online flexible term deposits, multi-currency debt cards and digital communication channels such as e-mail, web chat and social media such as Twitter. 
‘Meem’ offers their customers a broad range of channels through which to open and manage their ‘meem’ accounts using e-banking and contact center or stores. The bank is particularly proud of the innovative and unique in-store experience where ‘meem’ has deployed and used state-of-the-art technology that is both simple to use and enhances the customer’s experience.
‘Meem’ has opened stores in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dhahran that enable customers to complete the account opening process and receive their debit cards immediately as well as withdraw and deposit cash, make transfers and do their own account maintenance.
Yahya Alyahya, GIB’s CEO, said: “The launch of our retail banking service capitalizes on the immense potential in the GCC, focusing on an audience that values and relies on technology for the benefit it offers — convenience and simplicity. Our retail proposition is built on technological innovation and harnesses the advantage to provide a unique customer experience. Our aim is to be ‘ahead-of-the-curve’ in providing clear and simple products and professional services to customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and eventually across the GCC.”
‘Meem’ was uniquely designed and created over the past three years by employing the concept of “co-creation”.
It involved a large group of target customers (meemers) who were engaged using various social media channels.
This co-creation experience is considered to be the first of its kind in the banking sector regionally, which not only helped shape the business model of ‘meem’ but also the services and products on offer, as well as the brand identity and the values of ‘meem’.
Sakhr Almulhem, head of retail banking, said: “We are passionate about our customer-centric approach. Our customers will have the freedom and convenience of carrying out all services electronically.”
‘Meem’ is a reflection of our core values of innovation, simplicity, boldness and transparency, which have helped us to successfully launch the world’s first customer designed retail bank in Saudi Arabia.” 

Top CEO Conference & Awards wraps up in Bahrain

Updated 17 April 2019

Top CEO Conference & Awards wraps up in Bahrain

The Top CEO Conference & Awards 2019, organized by TRENDS magazine — Mediaquest and international business school INSEAD, has concluded at the Al-Areen Palace and Spa in Bahrain. The event, held on Thursday, included seven key panel discussions under the theme “Growth in a Volatile Future” as well as the Top CEO Awards 2019 ceremony, which recognized the region’s most successful and trendsetting CEOs from more than 700 companies listed on GCC stock exchanges.

Top business leaders and more than 30 speakers from across the GCC shed light on the Middle East’s dynamic but volatile region and the burning issues facing the corporate world today. This year’s theme focused on a score of relevant issues, such as oil price fluctuations, tech disruptions, armed and political schisms that pose new risks, and opportunities. Speakers such as renowned economist Professor Nouriel Roubini provided growth solutions and road maps for businesses in the GCC region.

Alexandre Hawari, CEO of Mediaquest, said: “In its fifth edition, the Top CEO Conference & Awards fully encapsulated the theme of ‘Growth in a Volatile Future’ by acknowledging and exploring the growth transformation that the region is undergoing through digitalization and the fourth industrial revolution amid geopolitical tensions, looming trade wars and a rapidly evolving business environment. Building on the huge success of the previous years, the Top CEO Awards 2019 recognized CEOs and companies who have raised the bar by navigating challenges, implementing new strategies, and have demonstrated unquestionable growth, profitability and excellence in corporate governance.”

The conference kicked off with an opening keynote from Jassim Al-Seddiqi, CEO of the Abu Dhabi Financial Group and chairman of GFH Financial Group, who delved into the potential of transforming the region into a fintech hub and the importance of jumping on the digital bandwagon. 

The prime panel discussion on the “Future of Growth Amid Volatility” brought together five CEOs who explored methods to create future-proof strategies that can not only tackle challenges but also boost growth in a tough geopolitical and economic climate. 

Hisham Al-Rayes, CEO and board member of the GFH Financial Group, said: “Investing in the future in areas such as fintech, education and technology, the foundations for strong, enduring knowledge-based economies, is a priority for the group and the governments of the region in which we invest.”

“The Blockchain Opportunity” and “The Human Factor and Tech Innovation” panels brought together industry experts from Facebook, the Bahrain FinTech Bay and King Abdul Aziz University. 

“The Future of Women’s Business Leadership” panel discussed positive strides taken by GCC governments and businesses in leveling the playing field for women professionals.