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LG Electronics focuses on energy-efficient home appliances

LG Electronics (Saudi Arabia), a world leader in home appliances, is the first electronics company operating in the Saudi market to comply with SASO regulations, by providing less energy consumption products, and ultimately saving Earth for future generations.
SASO regulations have been set up with the aim of guaranteeing that all electronic appliances available in the Saudi market — especially those imported — are designed to save energy & protect the environment for future generations.
With advanced eco-friendly technologies such as direct drive motor technology with Inverter control and linear compressor technology, LG was able to introduce a series of new electronic home appliances (washing machines and refrigerators) that fully comply with SASO continuously-upgraded regulations.
LG has started manufacturing energy-efficient and environment-friendly home appliances long time ago. The Inverter Linear Compressor was first introduced by LG back in 2001.
LG refrigerators featuring Inverter Linear Compressor technology, proved to be approximately 32 percent more energy efficient than those equipped with conventional reciprocating compressors, in addition to being up to 25 percent quieter compared to another Refrigerators powered by a reciprocating compressor.
Additionally, LG Direct DriveWashing Machines are high-efficiency machines that cut energy costs and water consumption, compared to conventional washing machines.
Unlike conventional washing machines, LG patented Direct Drive technology attaches the motor directly to the drive to reduce vibration, noise, and energy usage.
Commenting on LG stand with regards to SASO, Deuk Soo Ahn President of LG Saudi Arabia, said: "We at LG Electronics are conscience of our duties and responsibilities vis-a-vis energy consumption and environment protection, in addition to being respectful of the relevant local regulations. Our smart appliances offer consumers impressive energy and time savings along with greater health benefits."

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