JKS purchases 2,500 Samsung tablets to promote e-learning

Updated 29 July 2015

JKS purchases 2,500 Samsung tablets to promote e-learning

Jeddah Knowledge International School (JKS) has signed an agreement with Samsung Electronics Saudi Arabia for the purchase of 2,500 Samsung 3 Lite T113 tablets in coordination and cooperation from Samsung local partner, Future Modern Products.
The tablets are to be used by students in the primary, middle and upper levels as part of the school’s further pursuit of academic excellence by transforming classroom education to e-learning.
Ghassan Bakri, Samsung Saudi Arabia mobile product manager, said: “With this move from JKS we would expect many other private schools to follow. Smart education is quickly developing to be a must among the Saudi educational environment and Samsung is proud to be part of this development, especially with the recent distribution of 2,500 tablets to needy public school students only last month in preparation for the beginning of the upcoming school year.”
Kareem Hassan, JKS IT director, said the incorporation of Samsung tablets as an education tool will facilitate the holistic development of students through electronic learning — utilizing latest advancements in IT to discover and gain knowledge, and we are an educational institution proud to be strongly working toward this achievement among the student body.
With content filtering and firewalls to protect the systems and block inappropriate material, “e-Learning conveys the same educational objectives in a shorter timeframe than the teacher-led training. The just-in-time capability of eLearning provides a first tier of support to users of new technologies,” he added.
Moreover, “e-Learning assists students to take increasing responsibility for their own learning. For that matter, Samsung 3 Lite T113 tablet is a safe and reliable digital device that features an ultra-fast broadband and wireless (WiFi) access to the Internet which a child/student can use to connect with each other, to learn new skills and pursue their interests further than has ever been possible.

SADAFCO program highlights importance of milk

Updated 22 April 2019

SADAFCO program highlights importance of milk

Saudia Dairy and Foodstuff Company (SADAFCO) recently launched a Kingdom-wide awareness program across public and private schools. The program aims to educate students about the importance of milk as an easy and nutritious solution to support their active lifestyles and nurture growth.

Under the slogan “Healthy Eating Equals Better Health,” SADAFCO will collaborate with trained educators who will visit primary schools to talk about the importance of milk for children’s health and bodies. The program will run until the end of April and aims to reach at least 500,000 girls and boys.

“We acknowledge the nutritional challenges children commonly face, especially in the Middle East, where obesity rates are reported to be more than 50 percent,” said Gabriel Predescu, marketing manager at SADAFCO. “Students in primary schools are generally very active and as a result, their nutritional needs are very high. That’s why, at SADAFCO, we believe that this program will be instrumental in demonstrating the importance of milk in a healthy balanced diet and allow the kids of today to contribute to the development of this great nation.”

In order to encourage students to participate in the program, SADAFCO is also holding an online competition, where the students draw the benefits of drinking milk and share their drawings on social media. Fifty winners will be rewarded with new bicycles from SADAFCO. 

“Milk is recognized as being one of the most nutritious liquid foods available. It contains 14 out of the 18 nutrients humans need, including vitamins, proteins, fats, sugars and carbohydrates,” said Sara Alshehri, event and social media manager at SADAFCO. “We made sure to deliver the message to the students using their language and in an entertaining manner to boost healthy habits among them.”

SADAFCO is a publicly listed company producing dairy and foodstuff products under the Saudia brand name since 1977, a year after the company was formed. Saudia enjoys being one of the market leaders in the Kingdom in the production of tomato paste, ice cream and milk.

Based in Jeddah, SADAFCO operates sales and distribution depots in 24 locations across Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan and Kuwait. Saudia products are also exported to several countries in the MENA region.