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Mohammad Al-Mojil Group appoints new CEO

Mohammad Al-Mojil Group Company (MMG) board of directors has approved the appointment of Hafiz Shafei as the CEO starting Aug. 23, replacing William Milligan who resigned for personal reasons.
The appointment comes in the course of the restructuring scheme adopted by the group and in a bid to sustain technical and operational capabilities, and further support the group's current and future operations.
Throughout his past role as director operations, Shafei successfully expanded the group's corporate presence and optimized resources by raising the group's business potential with private and state sectors.
He further extended channels with the Eastern Region's labor office and the Ministry of Labor for handling the group's pending labor issues, reactivating its access to the Labor Office services and getting its employees' iqamas and work permits renewed to allow the group better odds for new projects.
Shafei held executive positions in the private and state sectors in United States, Kuwait and UAE.

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