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Creative steps can reduce women unemployment

The national program to financially help the unemployed persons until they find jobs, known as Hafez, is an initiative that provided transparent statistic to those concerned about the unemployment rate.
The unemployment rate among women, according to the program, are 85 percent. This means that women constitute a high majority of unemployed people, which indicates the need for more projects involving women workers. Projects that can provide safe and decent working environment for women. This must be done through a number of programs and mechanisms to find job opportunities that suit women.
The female unemployment rate exceeds that of men five times. As a result, support for human resources fund for women should be more than that of men, so as to reduce the larger constitution of unemployment — women — without forgetting men, of course.
The support and partnership of other parties is a must to activate the services that facilitate women work, such as transportation, special training, kindergartens and the infrastructure necessary for their work. These same elements will open more job opportunities for more women, imagine the number of kindergartens needed in all girls schools.
One of Hafez elements is the payment of a monthly subsidy to find a job, according to merit controls of the program. To continue receiving this subsidy, the beneficiary must seriously keep looking for a job, as the main goal of this payment is helping him to get a permanent and suitable one, and not to be considered a monthly income.
Other elements of Hafez include providing training and rehabilitation programs. All public and private sectors must cooperate with this objective program to extend a helping hand to help women to find jobs.
Women must be cared for in this context, as they constitute half of the society. They must be helped to find the jobs that suit their peculiarities, and corresponds to their duties.
As a businessman and contributor to the fund, I suggest that Hafez continue the payment of subsidy to women on condition that she works. As for Hafez, it should find creative initiatives to support those who employ women, and facilitate partnerships with the private sector. My hope, in particular, is that the Ministry of Labor increases the activities of Nitaqat program for women.

n Courtesy of Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper