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Dialogue only way for peace, say Indian scholars

At the conclusion of the two-day international conference on “India and the Muslim World in the 21st Century” which was held here in New Delhi recently has resolved that resolution of conflicts in religions and cultures through dialogue is the only instrument for the restoration and continuation of world peace.
The international conference appreciated all efforts in this direction including the establishment of the Centre for Dialogue in Vienna by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah.
At the end of the international conference, a 12-point resolution was adopted.
The New-Delhi based Institute of Objective Studies, (IOS), which organized the conference in cooperation with the government of Saudi Arabia, may constitute a committee to work on finding ways and means to foster meaningful cooperation and linkages of India with the Muslim world, the resolution stated.
The resolution said that the government of India may be urged to do the needful in providing essential conditions for proper and genuine development and security to Muslims.
The Sachar Committee recommendations must be implemented in letter and spirit, as Muslims are an integral part of India as a nation and civilization.
The other important points of the resolutions, which were adopted, are: (i) The Minister of Water Resources of India has suggested working for cooperation in areas of water resources between India and Muslim countries.
The opportunity should be worked out at all possible levels; (ii) The cultural and sports sectors should be tried to create synergy for further cooperation among India and other Muslim countries.
Besides, the dialogue process as a methodology may be taken up by governments and NGOs in the whole region; (iii) Co-operation in the field of education and research should be worked out in view of present needs and capabilities of India and the Muslim world; (iv) The conference shed light on the need of financial matters in accordance with Islamic values to be practiced by Muslims (and non-Muslims) in India; (v) India and Muslim world must work for creating peace and prosperity and (vi) It is urgent to try to make Islamic banking possible in India.