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Disappointing start for Saudi team in GCC Cup

Today, Saudi Arabia will meet Yemen in their second match in the GCC Cup. Our first recent match against Iraq last Sunday ended disastrously with 0-2 in our losing end. As I mentioned before, Mr.Rijkaard didn’t add much for the team.
If we look back to that match with Iraq, we can see that Mr.Rijkaad didn’t really have a good plan. Prior to the match, even after the first goal was hit by Iraq, he was out of solutions, zero plans.
I believe that signing with him was a mistake. Rijkaad could be one of the best coaches in the world but he doesn’t seem to be motivated enough to prove more and it seems to me that he’s taking this coaching stint very lightly. What a shame because I think that the deal he made is one of the biggest contracts worldwide.
I could be wrong but maybe we need someone who is hungrier for fame, championships and awards. Someone who still has something to prove to the world that he can make a strong team who plays with plans, not just someone who signs a contract, shows up on the matches and gets the money.
On other matters of the league, no serious preparations from any team so far has happened. And as I said before, this is their last chance for preparation; I hope they won’t miss it.

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