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Saudis ‘should compete for jobs worldwide’

JEDDAH: Young Saudis should be so educated and trained that they can compete for jobs anywhere in the world.
“We are now in a knowledge-based global economy and so it is all the more essential that we prepare our youth for all types of jobs,” Dr. Fahad A. M. Al-Said, CEO of Saudi Real Estate Co. Al-Akaria, said.
Reviewing the progress of the Kingdom’s education system, Dr. Al-Said, who formerly taught at King Fahd University, said: “We started with eight universities, but now thankfully we have 21 universities across 13 provinces of Saudi Arabia. Now we are in a knowledge-based global economy. I am waiting for the day to see Saudis competing for jobs worldwide.”
He stressed the need to encourage mid-size businesses to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor.
He also called for joint efforts to solve the housing problem.
“Statistics now show that we need 2.5 million housing units. Housing problems can be solved easily by dividing the responsibility among the government and private sectors, and individuals,” he said.

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