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US firm to help Kingdom’s economic diversification

The US firm Booz Allen Hamilton has been has been registered by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to support the Kingdom’s bid for domestic economic diversification.
“Saudi Arabia is showing rapid development and economic growth. This year, it is investing in health, the financial sector, social services, education and the transportation and water infrastructure,” said Senior Vice President Don Pressley, who leads the firm’s operations in the region.
Pressley added that Booz Allen will focus its expertise on providing services to government and commercial clients on critical issues related to the Kingdom’s development, most notably cyber security, information technology, transportation and other selected infrastructures.
Pressley made the announcement to explain Booz Allen Hamilton’s reason for investing in Saudi Arabia.
“The numerous foreign capital infusion in the Kingdom reflects a growing economy and heralds the need for the kind of smart, holistic planning we’re known for. Booz Allen brings to the Kingdom more than just our extensive prior experience supporting the US government’s contracts in the region,” he said.
Pressley added that in its operations in Saudi Arabia, Booz Allen would draw on nearly 100 years of experience – including more than three decades of support for the Royal Saudi Naval Forces – in support of the Kingdom’s economic diversification and to address the emerging needs of the era, particularly in relation to cyber security.
“The Saudi government has begun to invest seriously in cyber security with widespread plans for the region, and is working to increase awareness and protection around cyber threats – areas in which Booz Allen is a known leader with a unique approach to intelligence-based cyber security,” he said.
The firm has particular expertise in providing cyber services to governments and commercial clients in the financial, health and energy sectors.

“The firm will also guide civil government, defense and security clients in the development of their technological capabilities as well as supporting transportation planning with geospatial capabilities, emphasizing a holistic, full life-cycle approach that integrates technology decisions with broader concerns than can lead to a stronger outcome for clients,” Pressley said.
He said Booz Allen Hamilton’s registration to do business in Saudi Arabia is a key pillar in its strategy to engage in the Middle East as a full partner in the growth and development of the region.

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