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Emirates tunes up to create global harmony

Emirates, which recently launched its new global brand platform Hello Tomorrow, is aiming to strike a chord with music fans around its network by asking them to help create the ultimate musical mash-up.
The airline's Harmony campaign invites participants to interact with a specially-commissioned musical composition, which has been recorded by professional musicians playing traditional instruments from around the world, such as the harp, Taiko drum, bass guitar, saxophone, Shekere, Oudht and Indian flute.
Visitors to the Harmony Campaign can browse the various instrumental arrangements and mash them up to create different versions of the score.
The overall arrangement of the composition has been designed to ensure that all possible instrumental combinations sound perfect together.
Harmony fans can also add their own talents to the mix by recording themselves performing the score on a webcam or microphone and uploading the video or audio files to the Harmony Gallery.
Submissions, which impress the Emirates judges, will be uploaded on to the airline's dedicated YouTube channel.
"Emirates connects over 120 destinations around the world, each with its own distinct cultural traditions that are constantly being reshaped and re-interpreted as new ideas and influences come into play. As the bridge between these destinations, Emirates is perfectly placed to bring ideas together; and the goal of our Harmony campaign is to achieve this through music," said Maurice Flanagan, executive vice chairman, Emirates Airline and Group.
"Emirates is a passionate supporter of music and proud partner of the Sydney, Melbourne and San Francisco Symphony Orchestras, while our inflight entertainment system offers more than 700 channels of musical genres, including classics and new releases from around the world," said Flanagan.

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