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Saudi Arabia

Ensan orphanage elects new 13-member board of directors

The Charitable Society for the Care of Orphans (Ensan) elected on Tuesday its board of directors.
Riyadh Gov. Prince Sattam is chairman of the 13-member board and Prince Faisal bin Salman is head of the executive committee.
Saleh Al-Yosuf, director of the society, said Ensan discussed four main issues and is waiting for the new board to approve recommendations to tackle them.
They include reviewing the society’s estimated budget for 2012; authorizing the board to take necessary action regarding the society’s properties and investments in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Affairs; authorizing the board to reconsider changing the society’s logo; and approving the society’s policy of opening new branches that has been studied by the executive committee and approved by the former board of directors.
Ensan has prepared a program to assess prospective foster mothers.
Officials at Ensan called for the regulations governing foster mothers to be reconsidered and to give them official government support.
Al-Yosuf said there is a road map to reorganize orphan care services in Saudi Arabia and to develop the programs provided already by the public and private sectors.
Al-Yosuf said: “Ensan will give more attention to orphans’ needs after they leave the orphanage.
“Ensan will work on providing them accommodation and jobs.”
He said there is a special committee to execute the recommendations, of which most have already been implemented.
Al-Yosuf encouraged prospective foster families to volunteer to take care of orphans in line with family laws.
He stressed on the importance of providing accurate data on orphans in the Arab world in addition to taking extra care of adult female orphans.


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