Exam week: Stop skiving, start studying


Exam week: Stop skiving, start studying

The next few days are the days of midterm exams for all students. Saudi families panic during these days and the ‘ALERT’ status is declared.
It all starts here. When most of us, parents, realize that our children need to focus more on their job as students. They need to quit TV, PlayStation, skiving, fast food, long gatherings and YouTube, of course.
Personally, I discuss it with my older son in the following way: “Listen Sulaiman, it’s just a week son. You need to apply the 4 S’s plan (Stop Skiving Start Studying). You are 17 son. You will have all the time in the world to lose in the future. Please try to exclude this week from the plan, and focus on your study.”
Personally, I don’t blame our children for being so loose with their study. I believe that the educational system has made them to become what they are; at least in many of the aspects that lead to lack of interest. If this is happening to your son or daughter, you need to look thoroughly and try to see what is being offered by the school and education in general.
Throughout my school life, I’ve never been to a private school. I did not want this to happen to my children also, but the fact now is that I had to. Did this provide a better education for my children? My answer will be available next week. Meanwhile, I’ll be honored to read yours.

— The writer is Chairman, Saudi Cartoon & Animation Society

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