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EXCS show reflects passion in luxury models

JEDDAH: The three-day 6th edition of EXCS International Luxury Motor Show, described as the biggest event of its kind in Saudi Arabia, ended at the Jeddah Hilton yesterday after a three-day successful run at the Jeddah Hilton. Twenty international luxury car companies and makers exhibited their latest vehicles at the event, which attracted a number of VIPs and the elite of the society.
Mufareh bin Mohammed Al-Zahrani, director of transport and road affairs of Western Region, opened the show on Tuesday.
The visitors had a first-hand experience in flagship sedans like the Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Lexus, Lamborghini, McLaren, BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Aston Martin, Porsche, Centennial, Genesis, Vimotion, and Moda Car. These cars are the pinnacle of automotive engineering and each a technological masterpiece of engineering and design. On top of these salient features — attractive safety qualities and indulgent comforts — still each luxury car exhibited some differences, with some flavored with a dash of sport, others pampered with luxurious appointments. Most blended the two and presented a dash of advanced technology.
In its 6th consecutive year, the show reflected the Saudis' passion and interest in luxury cars. Both local and international car dealers considered the occasion as a great opportunity to showcase their latest models aimed at meeting the aspirations of luxury car enthusiasts.
This year's event, with some 70 different luxury cars on display, is expected to accelerate further benefiting from the enormous purchasing potential of Saudi Arabia.
Abdullah Al-Shamasi, the show organizer, projected that luxury car sales in Saudi Arabia during the current year would pick up by 15 percent from the preceding period.
He based his forecast on the fact that the Saudis are on top of the list of most luxury car owners in the Middle East, noting that the Saudi car market is the largest in the region, capturing 50 percent of car sales on account of rising oil prices and economic stability.
Citing recent studies, Al-Shamasi expected car sales in Saudi Arabia "to exceed one million units in 2018 amid rapid domestic economic growth and stability vis-a-vis the economies of neighboring countries."
Underpinning the bright outlook, Al-Shamasi said recent studies showed that number of Saudi women buying cars in recent years is on the rise and "perhaps equal to men. There is a large demand from women to buy luxury cars of well-known brands."
He added: "We expect the show will see remarkable women attendance this year. We already have seen in previous editions of the show many women buying cars probably double to men purchases as women become more demanding and pay great attention to the details of car features and specifications. EXCS gave women more space to determine what they need in the car," he added.
Al-Shamasi said: "Luxury car dealers participating in the show unveiled latest models, concept cars, new innovative technologies and driving systems adopted in 2013 cars. We are thrilled that Luxury Motor Show (EXCS) has been chosen by many major luxury carmakers to be their preferred platform for launching their latest models both regionally and globally, which emphasize its importance as a destination for leading trademarks, and a clear proof of its great success in reaching the potential clients of luxury cars sector."

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