An ‘experiment’ blending architecture and fashion

Updated 27 February 2013

An ‘experiment’ blending architecture and fashion

"Experiment 1" is presenting a collection of handbags at a prominent design incubator in Jeddah. The event celebrates architecture, fashion and culture printed in unique handbag designs.
Dalal Al-Hashash, Khawla Al-Hussaini and Fatma Al-Obaid are the three Kuwaiti architects behind Experiment 1. They graduated from Kuwait University’s Architecture School.
The experiment began a couple of years ago when they noticed that having a day job did not bring out the creativity in them. “We hated working with clients,” Dalal Al-Hashash, 25, said. "We noticed they eliminated our creative knack with budgets and orders.”
They began designing small projects for friends and family, but they imagined that walking around with an embodiment of their work would be construed as silly. “We never thought of humanizing them, especially that we don’t have any background in the fashion field,” she added.
They pressed on with the project mainly to broaden their creativity and practice what they learned in their academic years without restriction.
“How we split the work among the three of us is a question we often receive. The answer is we don’t know,” Al-Hashash said. “We have been friends for a long time and there’s some sort of language we share that allows us to understand one another and the work usually splits itself.”
The fabrics and textiles used in the handbags are all Kuwaiti-manufactured from the Shuwaikh Industrial area.
Sofana Dahlan, the owner of Tashkeil, expressed her fondness for their work. “A lot of designers passed through Tashkeil but Experiment 1 left its signature here.”
She believes they have a great concept and commented on the finishing and the quality of fabrics. “If I were you, I’d invest in them.”
The handbags are sold at between SR 1,500 and SR 2,500.
Consequently, a number of critics attended the soft opening of Experiment 1.
Christophe Beaufays, a Lomar Thobe designer, admired the fact that the handbags were made with industrial material. “They created something new with basic patterns,” he said. “It’s young and fresh and very new and not something you would usually see, not even in Paris.”
He was very fond of the inspiration of the Arabic and Islamic patterns used in the handbags.
Mohammed Altayeb, general manager of Fab Lab, was one of the guests and thought it was indeed an experiment. “It is an experiment of different materials. It is unique, but one always asks for more,” said Altayeb, adding “For example, experimenting with different materials, heating and graving in wood would be interesting. I am not a woman, but if I was, I’d definitely buy one of those!”
Alexanda Sarfine, who’s an upcoming abaya designer, said this was the new generation of art.
Amy Lam, an architect from Hong Kong and a critic of the Dar Al-Hekma design department said: “It is a quite interesting approach to use local materials.” With her London-based background, she said they’re quite familiar with architects designing furniture. However, it’s a totally new step for the Middle East to have architects offering this kind of blend. “It’s always a positive approach for ascetics to offer more than the design of buildings.”
Abdulrahman Aburahman, an industrial designer, also made an appearance at the event.
Faris Al-Shehri, founder and co-organizer of the event, was the liaison between Experiment 1 and Tashkeil. “I went to Kuwait and met the three talented ladies in their studio,” said Al-Shehri. “I believed in and loved what they were doing from the get-go. They have their own philosophy.”
Yolanda Perez, CFO partner of Tashkeil, welcomed visitors to the exhibition.
Ahmed Fouad, photographer and event sponsor, commented on the enjoyable organization of the event.
The official opening of the exhibition will take place on March 4. "Experiment 1" will remain in the Tashkeil exhibition until March 18th.

Gigi Hadid celebrates birthday with a funny tweet

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Gigi Hadid celebrates birthday with a funny tweet

DUBAI: US-Palestinian model Gigi Hadid celebrated her 23rd birthday yesterday, a few days after she marked the birthday of a close friend in New York.
Hadid spent time in the Big Apple and stepped out to celebrate the 35th birthday of American reality TV star Tan France at his home in the city earlier this week.
A day before her birthday on April 23, Hadid took to Instagram to ask her fans to mark Earth Day, which lands on April 22.

She posted a photo of a forest with a caption that read: “I’m still just a (little) Taurus girl who finds so much happiness, contentment and inspiration when I take a minute in nature and look around.

“May we celebrate Mother Earth every day for all she gives and teaches us!”

In honor of her impending birthday, the fashion star took to Twitter on Sunday night to share a humorous message with her nine million followers.

“As we close in on midnight, I would like to share that my final meal as a 22-year-old will officially be Cocoa Krispies. Thank you for your attention.”

She has every reason to celebrate this year, as the star has been riding a wave of success that would make even the most experienced models nod their heads in approval.

A few days before her birthday, she unveiled her Vogue Japan cover — the latest in a clutch of coveted magazine covers that the young beauty has managed to nab.

“So happy and excited to share my @voguejapan June cover story!” she captioned one of the snaps on Instagram.

The cover image features Hadid wearing a high-collared leather jacket and sporting slicked-back hair, a bold red lip and minimal additional make-up.

For the inside pages, the model posed wearing various masculine, edgy outfits in a series of black-and-white shots. In one particular photo that oozed cool factor, Hadid was snapped wearing a leather jacket-and-trousers combination with a broad tie that would not look out of place in a 1980’s film about the perils of Wall Street — or on Donald Trump circa 2018.

Besides her fashion credentials, the model, who recently spit from singer Zayn Malik, is fast becoming known for her social media clap backs.

She made international headlines in February by discussing her weight loss and said it was the result of learning to manage her Hashimoto’s Disease, not because of an eating disorder or drug use.

The model sent out a series of tweets stating that she would no longer respond to comments on her appearance.

“I will not further explain the way my body looks, just as anyone with a body type that doesn’t suit (your) ‘beauty’ expectation shouldn’t have to. Not to judge others, but drugs are not my thing. Stop putting me in that box just because you don’t understand the way my body has matured,” she said on Twitter.