Eid suggested gifts to her

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Updated 14 July 2015

Eid suggested gifts to her

Ramadan is the month of giving and Eid is the perfect ending to this holy jolly month. Eid is the best opportunity to show you love for your loved ones, weather it was a memory or something to keep.
Below are a number of suggested gifts for the perfect luxurious gift for her.
1) Luxury scent: Omani based luxury perfume brand Amouage just released their Opus IX in the latest addition to Amouage’s luxurious Library Collection, an assembly of diverse and densely constructed formulae launched initially in 2010. They are designed to be out of time, reckless, a cunning initiation of gaudy brilliance and sensual privacy. The Omani brand showcases the region’s distinctive olfactory history and potential market force as a manufacturer of luxury perfumes. ‘La Traviata’ inspires the perfume; Opus IX is a soulful interpretation of the camellia flower. The notes feature camellia accord, black pepper, jasmine, gaiac wood, beeswax, leather, amber, vetiver and civet.
2) Relaxing spa day: Pampering might be the best gift you can give her. Almost every Saudi spa offers a special treatment for Eid. With such a package, women can spend up to a whole day relaxing. They can unwind and leave the spa feeling relaxed and pampered. We recommend Rosewood Al-Faisalia’s ESPA in Riyadh, it is where luxury meets comfort. Knowledgeable therapists and a variety of treatments is what will make this eid memorable.
3) Leather goods: Nothing beats a branded wallet, clutch or handbag, they are always the safest choice. We are obsessed with Yves Saint Laurent’s latest collection, it is recommended to stick with classic designs, colors and styles. This way she will have no choice but love it and wear it for eternity.
4) Jewelry: Saudi jewelry brand Charmaleena is the perfect gift for those who are looking for a unique piece to give away. Their latest collection Draws its inspiration from the strength and beauty of nature, The Edges of Nature collection reflects the grace, strength, and resilience of the palm tree. Grounded with strong roots, it is forever growing, reaching, and flourishing as it rises from the desert’s golden sands. As we seek to find our way and thrive on our own journey, we must always dare to follow our dreams and reach new heights.
5) Eideyya: Are money gifts for children during Eid. It is a tradition throughout the GCC countries. The amount differs from one family to another and in some families not only are children gifted, but men and women are also generously rewarded.
6) Explore other cultures: It’s always a good occasion to explore a new destination. Saudia Airlines are offering exclusive bargains for those who want to spend their eid abroad. Hint: We hear London is calling.
7) Family gathering: Book a table for your whole family at your favorite restaurant. It’s always great to gather around food with people who you love. It is here that you can share conversations over bites. High end restaurants are a Jeddawi’s favorite, we recommend Toki for the best Chinese cuisine and Byblos for the upper class Lebanese restaurant.
8) Chocolates: It is a sweet gesture to gift chocolates when visiting someone’s home. In Saudi, Eid is always said to be Ramadan’s sweet ending. Godiva chocolate boutique offered beautiful chocolate boxes and plates that will fill your eid with joy especially for the young ones.
9) Flowers : You can never go wrong with a beautiful flower arrangement from your local flower shop. We recommend you to go to Abdulaziz Al-Noman’s boutique in Jeddah to find your perfect arrangement. Women in general are visually oriented and love colorful and beautiful blooms. The flower designer recommends using simple arraignments with bold colors to add fresh colors to your Eid view.
10) Endless time: It is essential for women to have a timepiece that will match with everything they wear, We are currently obsessed over Chopard’s La Strada, this classic watch is a perfect design for strong, classy independent women. La Strada is a bracelet in 18-carat rose gold, and its mother-of-pearl dial recall the elegance of a star of Italian cinema in the 1950s as the La Strada watch subtly plays with its feminine curves. The gently bulging form together with the classic Roman numerals and the warm glow of rose gold and diamonds make this watch a reference model for women who seek to put glamour in their life every day.

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Miss England contestant wears a wetsuit to ‘stay true to Muslim background’

The 21-year-old posted the images of herself on Facebook wearing the wetsuit. (Shutterstock)
Updated 17 July 2019

Miss England contestant wears a wetsuit to ‘stay true to Muslim background’

DUBAI: Miss England contestant Aysha Khan took to social media recently to explain why she chose to wear a wetsuit in the optional swimsuit portion of the competition.

Khan, 21, from Lancashire posted the images of herself on Facebook wearing the wetsuit.

“I decided to enter the round this year, however I wanted to push forward the message that swimwear doesn’t necessarily mean a bikini,” the Education Studies student wrote. “Empowerment can be felt in many different ways and can be promoted in many different ways. Some women may feel more confident showing more skin and some women feel more confident showing less – the message being; empowerment is a personal feeling, and not wearing a bikini does not mean I am not confident about my body,” she captioned the post.

The contestant decided to take part in the optional round on her own terms, telling the Lancashire Telegraph, “This round is completely optional, and I didn’t want to miss out, so I submitted a photo in a surf suit. I wanted to show a different take on swimwear, and that you don’t have to wear a bikini to go to the beach.

 “I think other girls can see this and realize that they can do the same. Particularly because of my background, being Muslim too, I wanted to stay true to myself,” she added.

The pageant’s winner will be crowned on August 1.