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Fateh strikes again

Last Friday, Fateh did it again and beat Hilal one more time in Ahsa. Even if the match gets repeated, Fateh would still win with that Hilal's way of play. Hilal's game plan was so strange, their coach didn't use his winning formula. Everything was new and different. Reminds of the saying "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Maybe change is a good thing, but timing can be crucial. People don't usually take dangerous risks on the most important events like the match of the year.
So now, Hilal has another problem in the name of Shabab. With their loss from Fateh, it will even be more difficult to get the league title back.
As for Fateh, despite the many pessimist observers who predicted that the team will not be able to stay for long,I believe otherwise. I can see that this team is heading for the title and when they get it, it will definitely be well deserved. Fateh plays very good football, keeps the respect toward other teams and obviously has a good camaraderie among their own team members.
More on Fateh… they could have a rematch with Hilal in the Crown Prince Cup. We will see if Fateh will be able to kick Hilal out or Hilal will gain a little of its pride back? I think this Fateh-Hilal match will make the winter warmer for us as we await the answer to this big question, in the end, who will come out a winner?
As for other teams, Ahli is back to losing points, and it seems that there won't be a place for them in the four positions of the league. But Ahli is not alone in the bottom as Ittihad has not been that strong anymore. I wonder what went wrong for both teams? I hope the Crown Prince Cup alters their fate and make their fans happy.