Crane crash probe enters final stage

Updated 10 November 2015

Crane crash probe enters final stage

JEDDAH: Investigators of the Grand Mosque crane crash have achieved a major breakthrough and those responsible for the incident will be put on trial, local media reported on Sunday.

Among those questioned were engineers and project managers. The engineering department of the General Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques will also have to submit a report on the crane, sources were quoted as saying. The crash, days before the Haj season began this year, claimed 111 lives and injured 238.
The chief prosecutor summoned experienced engineers in the field of urban construction to be familiarized with more details on the crane, its use and the safety measures required.
He is due to prepare the indictment against those found guilty of dereliction of duty and submit it to the specialist court seeking their trial.
The Saudi Binladin Group will be committed to the ruling in this regard, according to the Royal Decree, the sources said.
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman ordered massive payouts for the families of those killed and injured in the tragedy.
According to preliminary investigations, the main cause of the crane crash was strong winds and wrong position of the crane.

King Faisal Prize: Rewarding services to all of humanity

Updated 26 March 2019

King Faisal Prize: Rewarding services to all of humanity

RIYADH: Prince Turki Al-Faisal’s father, the late King Faisal, was a beacon of aspiration and hope. 

During his reign, the first girls’ schools were introduced, and he focused on educating the Saudi population as a whole to promote peace. 

The King Faisal Foundation was founded by King Faisal’s sons and daughters to commemorate his memory and vision. 

The significance of the annual King Faisal Prize (KFP) dates back to when a reporter asked him how he saw Saudi Arabia in 50 years’ time. 

The king responded: “I see Saudi Arabia in 50 years’ time as a wellspring of radiance for humanity.” 

The root of the foundation and the prize stems from his vision for all of humanity: Peace through education.

“The prize was established by the King Faisal Foundation soon after the foundation was formed,” Prince Turki told Arab News.

“It carries the message that the welfare of humanity is the primary importance of service to humanity,” he said. 

“The versatility of Islam is celebrating knowledge for all nationalities. As the first verse in the Holy Qur’an was ‘Read,’” Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Subayyil, secretary-general of KFP, told Arab News. 

“This a universal dialogue between all nationalities and scientific fields, which seeks peace through knowledge.” he said.  

The significance of the Prize shows that: “This is the real Islam and this prize in the country of the Two Holy mosques represents that we are trying to observe the teaching of Islam and its implementation through the prize, which is the encouragement of science and introducing knowledge to people,” Al-Subayyil said.