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Gandhian principles

Gandhian principles
Gandhian principles of nonviolence were nicely explained in a convincing manner by Nilofar Suhrawardy in her column, “Provocative anti-Islam film in light of Gandhian principles.” Here I would like to quote some of the credible contents mentioned effectively in her article. She is absolutely right in saying that the genuine democracy allows freedom of worship and has no space for abuse of any religion; the anti-Islam movie in itself deserves condemnation, socially, politically and diplomatically.
Gandhi believed in respect for all religions and their followers. Abuse of any religion is against principles of tolerance and peace advocated by Gandhi. If Gandhian principles were actively pursued throughout the world, in all probability the anti-Islam movie would not have been produced. Besides, Gandhi’s principle of nonviolence has been seen by several authorities as drawn from the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The reverence held by Gandhi for different religious beliefs, including Islam, affirms the view that the Gandhian spirit does not permit abuse of any religion through any means. The motive behind the anti-Islam movie appears to deliberately hurt religious sentiments of Muslims and incite them to violence.
It is indeed astonishing as she wrote that substantial attention has not been paid to non-Gandhian aspect reflected by the very nature of the movie. Hurting and abusing sentiments of any individual or any community may also be viewed as an inhuman behavior, totally unsocial and in violation of elementary morals. Whether such abusive tactics are indulged through a movie or any other means, Gandhian, humanitarian and all social principles demand that this be instantly checked. In addition, action must be taken against sponsors, promoters and all those involved in initiating and promoting such criminal activities.
I wish somebody come forward and present the said article to those who are unaware of the real theme of Gandhian principles. — Zakaria Sultan, Riyadh