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Saudi Arabia

Grand Mufti: Judges must be impartial

The Grand Mufti and Chairman of the Board of Scholars, Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh, demanded that judges avoid any differences in their judgments. He said that people should be judged as the same, with no prejudice or bias according to poverty or affluence.
During a meeting with the heads of departments of administrative appeal in Riyadh, he emphasized that the Shariah (Islamic law) contains solution to all issues without any contradiction. Judges should be familiar with all that has been written by Shariah scholars when issuing judgments, he said.
Al-Asheikh called for the establishment of a unified technical system for judgments in all divisions of the Court of Grievances so that every judge will have a precedent set before him.
Abdul Aziz Al Nasar, the director of the Court of Grievances, said that the stalled cases in the court account for no more than 1.5 percent of all cases. The number of judges working in the court stands at more than 485.
As for linking all divisions of the court together through a technical system, he said that such a system already exists. He pointed out that there are 12 buildings dedicated to the court, as well as two others rented in Tabuk and Baha.
Nasar said that the court never rejects any action filed before it within its jurisdiction, referring to the intentions of businessmen to file a lawsuit concerning the decision of the Ministry of Labor to raise foreign labor fees to SR 2,400.

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