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Grave Ahli mistake

Last Saturday was a sad day for Saudi football fans as our Asian dream came to a halt. Ahli lost to Ulsan Hyundai in the final match of the AFC Champions League.
The big blow was not so much from losing but from the way Ahli handed the victory to Ulsan. We all know how tough that team is, but that didn't seem to motivate Ahli because I don't think they came prepared.
For some reason, Jarolem changed his game plan, and I don't think that the new strategy helped. They clearly underestimated Ulsan despite the obvious fact that it is a very strong team. And that proved to be a grave mistake. Right now, they need to focus on their postponed matches in hopes of getting back to first position in the Saudi league.
Going back to our league, Hilal gave its fans something to celebrate when it won 4-1 against Ta'awon. They played very well and made easy goals. Guys, please keep it up. Shabab and Ittihad, on the other hand, had a draw in their match last Saturday, and continue losing points after they both lost in the previous round.
Last but not least our national team will play a friendly match today against Argentina. I pray it won't be as bad and as humiliating like our match against Spain. It’s so shameful paying them just to be beaten badly. Better to save our money for other things then. Why don't we use the money we paid Argentina to organize a small friendly tournament with teams in our level or a little better than us? I will not be surprised if we rank worse after this match in the FIFA monthly ranking.