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Saudi Arabia

Hajis told to keep to the straight and narrow

Sheikh Ali Al-Hudhaifi, imam and khatib at the Prophet’s Mosque, urged pilgrims to lead a straightforward life and not to sin when they return home after the spiritual heights they achieved during Haj.
The imam addressed 50,000 pilgrims at the Prophet’s Mosque on the first Friday after Haj. He said: “Straightforwardness means believing in the oneness of God and maintaining the obligatory prayers regularly. Other virtues are corollaries of the belief in tawhid (belief in one God).”
The authorities, under the supervision of the Madinah Gov. Prince Abdul Aziz bin Majed, chairman of the Madinah Haj Committee, made elaborate preparations to receive the returning pilgrims to the Prophet’s mosque.
Various Haj-related departments and private agencies continue to make each pilgrim's visit comfortable and safe despite their huge numbers.
The Haj committee will continue to offer its services until the last pilgrim returns home. While a large number of pilgrims have already left from the Prince Muhammad Airport in Madinah, many thousands remain in the city and are eager to visit the ancient sites in the city associated with the early history of the Muslim community. Many plan to visit historical sites such as the Quba Mosque, Uhad battlefield, Al-Qiblatain Mosque, and the Seven Mosques.
Pakistani pilgrim Anwar Shihabuddin told Arab News he was pleased to visit the ancient mosques in Madinah.
Egyptian Muhammad Hamid said: “I am delighted to visit the Prophet’s Mosque and other ancient mosques after performing my obligatory duty of Haj.”
Madinah is currently hosting 139,547 pilgrims and another 750,000 pilgrims are expected to visit the Prophet’s Mosque in the next few days.

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