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HCRD: Land use on the rise

The High Commission for Riyadh Development (HCRD) has participated in the first gathering of national infrastructure for geo-mechanic data, organized by the General Commission for Survey and the Geographic Data Commission in Riyadh. The HCRD presented a working paper by Hisham Ibn Saad Sultan, supervisor of urban data affairs at the high commission.
In his paper, Sultan highlighted the HCRD experience in establishing an urban data system for the city almost 30 years ago based on maps and updated field surveys related to development projects.
He stated that during this period, a huge database was built up in various sectors involving the HCRD, both in the city and the region. He advised participants to go through this information on the HCRD website.
The first session on national infrastructure for geo-mechanic data reviewed the government department’s experience in applying geographic database systems as well as an analysis and applications of those departments.
A study carried out by the HCRD revealed a huge increase in land use in the capital, which reached 1,297 sq. kilometers including roads.
The study pointed out that the increase witnessed by the city during the last three years added up to 79 sq. km. Urban development is concentrated on the edges of the city, particularly in the north and northeastern directions, while undeveloped lands – so-called white lands – represent the greater part of development protection limits in the city (78 percent).
According to the study, housing occupies almost a third of developed lands in the city. Agricultural use and production of resources represent the second largest area, and government use ranks third. They are followed by recreation, parks, gardens, and industrial and storage use.
The study also revealed an increase in commercial and vocational use, trade activities, as well as health and educational use. In the field of housing units, the study referred to a sharp growth in numbers, with apartments topping the list.
Areas of land use are considered one of the elements of building and updating the urban database in Riyadh city, which was established by the HCRD.

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