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Saudi Arabia

HCRD launches e-program to manage hospital beds

The High Commission for Riyadh Development (HCRD) has begun applying the e-program for the management system of hospital beds, which will help in monitoring the situation of beds in emergency wards and their readiness to receive emergency cases in the city.
The system provides information and statistics on a daily basis about vacant beds and the time patients stay in the hospital as well as the chances of patients who are waiting to find a vacant bed in urgent and normal cases.
The system also offers immediate statistics on daily surgical operations conducted at public and private sector hospitals. It monitors future needs of beds in the regions.
The system can even contribute to the follow-up and development of performance at all health facilities and assess how fast patients find beds in emergency and normal circumstances. It will help in realizing the best use of available resources and cooperation among concerned parties in the city.
The HCRD said its system also prepares and revises plans for capacity building in hospitals and employs modern technology in exchanging information to achieve speed and accuracy in addition to analyzing statistics in hospitals to be used in assessing the services on offer.
The management system includes training programs and continued education of workers in this field. It also organizes field tours of health facilities to make sure how far they are committed to applying the program. It has also set up a website,

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